No Children, No Guilt

I recently had the pleasure of reading childfree writer Sylvia Lucas' Ebook, No Children, No Guilt. She described it to me as a "first person collection of anecdotes designed to help others manage their child-free decision with as little guilt (or self-flagellation) as possible." I'd say it is more than that....more

Saying No to Kids in Britain

Britain's Grazia magazine recently conducted a survey of 2,000 women. It planned to coincide the publication of the survey numbers with the release of Sarah Jessica Parker's latest film, "I Don't Know How Sh...more

Childfree by Choice & Circumstance in China

There are some interesting trends going on in China. For a country that has had the one child per couple law for about 30 years now, it may be moving toward a time when they don’t need this kind of law anymore....more

Inside the Only Childfree Discussion Forum in Israel

And last in a look at being childfree in Israel,  along with meeting Orna Donath as part of being interviewed on Israel’s only online childfree forum, "Women Who Don’t Want Children," I met Anat, a delightful Israeli woman who has monitored this forum for th...more

Being Childfree in Israel: An Interview With Israeli Author Orna Donath Part II

Continuing my interview with Orna Donath, the Israeli author of the recently released book, Making a Choice: Being Childfree in Israel:In your research, what did you find regarding the stereotypes about Israelis who don’t want children?...more

Being Childfree in Israel Part I

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to be a guest on the childfree online forum in Israel called, "Women Who Don't Want Children." As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to meet Orna Donath, an author of a recently released book, Making a Choice: Being Childfree in Israel....more

From Being Childless to Child"full"

These days there are many reasons why a woman ends up not having any kids. It could be that she is not ready to become a mother at that particular point in her life, given educational or career goals. It could be because she has not decided for sure yet whether she wants children. Or she may know that she does not ever want to have the experience of parenthood. Or she may have fertility issues....more

When Kids Ask the Childfree If They Have Kids: A School Counselor's Take

There is lots of talk out there about how to best respond to adults who ask the childfree why they don't have kids. But what about when kids ask? I recently asked my Brazilian friend Aggie who does not have children by choice. She is a School Counselor at an elementary school (K-5), and works with students who are 5-11 years-old. I first asked her how she responds when kids ask her why she does not have kids....more

Rise in Childfree Gen Xers: Challenging a Rationale

Check out some new data on the childfree: a study conducted by the Center for Work-Life Policy of 3000 Gen X men and women indicates that 43% of college educated Gen X women (ages 33-46) are child-free, “despite about three-quarters of them being in “long-term relationships and living with their...more

On Parent & Childfree Regrets

As the childfree know, parents are often convinced that we will eventually regret our decision not to have kids. In talking to thousands of childfree in the last 10+ years, I can say that not one person has spoken of regret. Some ponder what it might have been like to be a mother/father, but not to where they wish they'd made another choice....more