The Childfree's Stereotyped & Stigmatized Cousin: Singlism

Bella DePaulo has an interesting new book out titled, Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It. DePaulo defines "singlism" as "the pervasive discrimination single people face in politics and everyday life" and looks at "society's immediate associations-conscious and otherwise-with the word 'single,' including the implication of loneliness, homosexuality and/or a personal defect ...more

Yes, would love to hear more about this!

Laura Carroll

Childfree author of ...more

Childfree Weddings

Recently Parentdish asked if kids should be banned from weddings....more
Worth mentioning is another solution that is pretty new to NYC and will maybe one day make to ...more

Questioning "Perfect" Family Research

Bryan Caplan, economist and author of Selfish Reasons to Have Kids, may think that because parenting can be easier than you think you shouldn't hesitate to keep having more kids, but is more necessarily better when it comes to creating the "perfect" family?...more

Tip of the Hat to Great Childfree Women in History

Seeing how it is Women's History month, let's give a nod to some awesome childfree women of history....more

Thanks to Mata who writes for this site, I was reminded of Anais Nin -- add her to this ...more

Paying Homage to a Childfree Woman in History Who Invented a Type of Art

With this month being Women's History month, there are many childfree women of history we can pay homage to....more

Childfree Wisdom & Resilience in Later Years

I recently posted on a wonderful story by Kathleen O'Connor who writes about her 97 year old childfree friend Libby, her life, and most notably how "Her last years and days were an illumination of why children aren’t necessary for a happy, cared-for old age."  This message has since come closer to home. I recently attended a "celebration of life" service for my friend Paula's...more

Childfree 97 Year Old's Lessons on Why Kids aren't the Key to a Cared-for Old Age

This is a great story about being childfree in old age.  By Kathleen O'Connor about her friend Libby:  One of the most popular “gotchas” people with children try to corner the childfree with is, “But who will take care of you when you’re old?” A few days ago I lost a dear friend who was ninety-seven years old and childfree. Her last years and days were an illumination of why children aren’t necessary for a happy, cared-for old age. My friend Libby was born in July of 1911, the second-oldest of four children....more

Do Those Without Kids Eat More Healthily?

The British government recently did a study on the eating habits of the English and found an interesting result—who was the group that ate more healthily than others? Couples with no children. Why might this be? Here are three possible theories....more

Good point--The article does not speak to what the study meant by "healthy" besides eating more ...more

The Childfree and Early Retirement

At this time of year, lots of people make New Year’s resolutions. One resolution can have to do with when one wants to retire, maybe even retire “early,” and making a plan for that to happen....more

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I am glad you would not change anything, and I hope your child is there for you ...more

The Childfree & Christmas

At this time of year, people without children by choice can come up against inaccurate assumptions others make about them. One common assumption about this growing segment of the population is that we are more likely not to celebrate Christmas because we don’t have kids. We don’t have to do the Santa thing and all that surrounds it....more