The Childfree & Christmas

At this time of year, people without children by choice can come up against inaccurate assumptions others make about them. One common assumption about this growing segment of the population is that we are more likely not to celebrate Christmas because we don’t have kids. We don’t have to do the Santa thing and all that surrounds it....more

Childfree and Parents Workplace Wars

As we enter the holiday season and people ask for and take time off, the issue of who gets the time off undoubtedly comes up. CNN recently did a segment on this....more

Getting Beyond Motherhood as Political Qualification

Democrat Jari Askins  and Republican Mary Fallin are running to become Oklahoma’s first female governor. Askins has been a judge, a legislator, head of a state agency and a corporate attorney, and now is the state’s lieutenant governor....more

I think it covers pretty much everything that makes it difficult for women to become ...more

Condoleezza Rice Weighs in on Marriage and Kids

Condoleezza Rice got up close and personal recently in Ladies Home Journal.  One question she was asked got to her feelings about not having kids and not being married: "Would you consider that you've lived a fulfilled life if you never get married or have kids? Yeah, I will....more


I think it may be fair to say that Motherhood would have "gotten in the way" of ...more

Childfree Couples on Talk Shows

The topic of childfree couples has made it to a day time talk shows of late. While this is a good thing, to expose and educate the public on this choice and those who make it the segments could be so much more. For example, Tyra Banks just had a couple on her show....more

Thinking Twice About Parenthood

WebMd video has a great short video about couples who choose not to have children: It cites that by the year 2010 we could see a 44% increase in couples who choose not to have children. It lays out some of the most common reasons couples choose this -- time, economics and sheer lack of desire.  One man talks a...more

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Musings on the Journey from Childless to Childfree

This is a great story about the journey from childless to childfree by Sarah Clark.* My life is a miracle, or so I’ve been told. And I agree, though not for the same reasons. I have a wonderful job, a loving husband, no debt, good savings, close family and friends, tolerably good mental health and a cat to dote on. In the world we live in, all that is pretty miraculous....more

Dealing with the Pressures from Wannabe Grandparents

If you want kids and are just not ready yet or do not want to be a parent, a common experience is getting the message from our parents or our partner's parents is they think we are ready, and they exhibit direct or indirect pressure to "start trying."  Why the pressure? While th...more

The Interdependence of Parents and the Childfree

I love stories about people getting that there are contributions made in every family and community by the childfree, and the special role we have to play parents' and childrens' lives.  Siobhan Hannan, Australian counselor and psychotherapist is one such person.  Her recent piece on couldn't say it better....more

Is Biologically Childfree truly Childfree?

There is scuttle out there about the better word to use if you do not have children by choice--child"less" or child"free." There is also the “biologically childfree.” These are folks that are parents, yet consider themselves childfree. Cambridge Dictionary online defines childfree as “people who choose not to have children.”  “Have children” in this definition does tend to imply having them biologically....more