Parenthood versus the Childfree Life Part II

On to the second area from Alison Cameron’s article, “Do children really make us happy?...more

Parenthood versus the Childfree Life Part I

 A contributor to my blog forwarded an article to me recently that appeared in Sydney, Australia’s, The Sun Herald. It did not appear online.  It’s titled, “Do children really make us happy?...more

Childfree thoughts on Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day I am of mixed minds. Don’t get me wrong; I love my mother and would celebrate her and how she raised my brother and me any day of the week. But as a childfree person, I have problems with Mother’s Day as a national holiday.  Why? Here are two reasons: ...more

Gen Y: If childfree, more likely to stay that way?

The April 23rd edition of USA Today had the article, "Generation Y faces some steep financial hurdles."  Also known as the Millennial Generation, they include the more than 50 million born from the 1980s to 2000....more

From DINKs to GINKs

What a great piece by Lisa Hymas on When it comes to being childfree, she calls herself a GINK: green inclinations, no kids.   May it replace the term that's been out there for awhile--DINK: double income no kids....more

Childfree Aunties: We're PANKs!

Anna Carey wrote a great piece in the Irish Independent about “PANKs” – Professional Aunts No Kids.  No more is the image of  childless aunties as "fussy ol ladies" -- we're a happening bunch that play an important role in children's lives.   Technically, I am not an aunt by blood but am an “auntie” to a few of my c...more

Annual Convention of Childfree

One thing I hear a lot from childfree singles and couples is the challenge of finding like minds to befriend and socialize with.  No Kidding!'s annual convention is one place to do just that.  No Kidding! is a non-profit social and activity group for childfree and childless singles and couples....more

Talking the Truth About Being a Mom

Mailonline has an interesting article by Lucy Cavendish, "I love my kids, but I admit it-I'm happier on my own!"  She talks about how she loves her kids but has to admit her moments of "genuine bliss" do not revolve around being a mother. As you might expect,  she got an array of comments, from criticizing her for admitting this, to "of course you need a break fr...more

Beyond the Word "Childfree"

I've been thinking about the words we use to describe those who choose not to have children. Years ago it was childless-those who didn't have kids, by choice or not. The word became criticized by those who chose not to have kids because it denotes a lack or an incompleteness. In the 70s childfree started as a reaction to this “less” concept....more

Childfree Women in the History Books

I am reading When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present by New York Times columnist and author Gail Collins....more