Let’s Just Be Empathetic: An Open Letter to Childless & Parents

Dear Childless People (and Parents),Let me start by saying that this letter is not going to make me very popular with anyone. There’s a divide in our culture between childless people and people who are parents. It’s been there for a long time and it’ll probably be there for a while longer. But I’m not writing this to make a sanctimonious point – just to make a point in general.We need to support our parent friends more....more

Your Mom Friend Hates You, According to MSN.com

I came across this article from MSN.com today that is an image slideshow of the 10 biggest non-mom faux pas. Already I know I’m going to regret reading this. I’m a childless woman, and I have many, many parent friends. Some I met because I actually looked after their children, and some were my friends before they had children. And many of these “faux-pas” are things that I have never seen any childless woman do....more

My Rebuttal to Jezebel on Being a Woman-Child

I’ve been hearing a lot about the advent of “the woman-child” lately. ...more
 @JChandler I felt like she was trying to make a point, but ended up just sounding petulant and ...more