My Blog Changed My Life, And It's Only One Year Old.

June is the essence of commencement, beginnings and fresh starts. Brand new sunny days. Brides and grooms. Graduates. I can’t remember how it came to be that I launched this site last year in June, but that simple action was definitely a commencement....more

Who’s Got it Easier: Childfree Men or Women?

I realized a little something last week – namely, that I had written a post about stay-at-home-moms and work-from-home-moms, but two of my first commenters were a childfree MAN and a work-from-home DAD. We hear a lot about Childfree women feeling marginalized by society, but jeez, what about the Childfree men? Even I’M marginalizing them....more

Judging Childless Women

When you meet a childless woman, what do you think? Do you automatically assume she is less happy or more selfish or missing something? Or do you secretly wish you could have her life?...more

Unintentional Insults on the Childless & Childfree

On the topic of what not to say to childfree friends (and why), I recently saw this article by blogger Nicole Ciomelc about one of the worst bingoes the childfree and childless in particular can get. It puts a spotlight on how the childfree and the childless have the experience of unintentional insults in common....more

Spending the Night When Your Partner Has Kids

How do you spend the night when your partner has a child and the child is home? Spending the night with your partner is much easier when the child is young, but once they reach a certain age, their little imaginations (or perhaps tempers) will run wild regarding mommy or daddy's new partner. Here are some little nuggets of advice for when you find yourself in this situation. ...more
eavannatte42 I'm never getting married again.  How do you suggest I proceed?more

I guess I wanna be a Toys 'R Us Kid or something

My house is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders. Particularly the kitchen. Where nary a dish has been washed in what must be going on six days now. This may not come as a surprise to my mother. Or my college roommate Ale, who was so obsessed with cleanliness, she used to scrub the toilet before we went to the bars in case one of us needed to rest our head in it later that night. (I have to say Ale, I really appreciated that. Many times.) But it’s a surprise to me! I’m thirty. And apparently unable to keep house....more

A Modern Day Hero Against Bad Parenting

Friends, I have a new hero. He’s the star of one of the most amazing stories I think I’ve ever heard, told to me recently by my friend, Erin. So settle in, maybe pour yourself a glass of sherry (who drinks sherry?). You’re really going to enjoy this one. THE MOST AMAZING STORY EVER Erin’s dad was at the Manhattan Beach Bagel Company – one of his usual haunts – spread out with his breakfast and the newspaper, poised to enjoy a lovely morning. Then the wrecking crew came in....more

Ex-Boyfriends Babies on Facebook: A Creepy Glance Into the Might-Have-Been

It’s happened to all of you at least a few times now. You pull up Facebook and there’s a status update from one of your exes, touting pounds and inches, trendy three-part names like Isadora Elaina or Hunter Montgomery. Maybe even a bleak hospital scene photo with the washed-out, epiduraled wife holding a wrinkly swaddled thing – and your ex, grinning like he’s just killed it in beer pong....more

How to Explain your Life to an Outsider

Did you know I had more sanity when I was a working mom? My house wasn't as clean (and as you know, it's no prize right now, anyway), I felt as if I would break at any point. There was no relief. Except I had a 45-minute commute each way. I thought, I listened to music, I went over my day, straightened my thoughts, talked to friends and family. I had an hour and a half of highway driving all to myself. What a glorious gift. ...more

Are the "Childless" Really More Likely to Divorce?

You may have seen more articles popping up lately on how "childless" couples are more likely to divorce.  How it's treated as a "statistical reality" needs to be challenged and clarified....more