The Interdependence of Parents and the Childfree

I love stories about people getting that there are contributions made in every family and community by the childfree, and the special role we have to play parents' and childrens' lives.  Siobhan Hannan, Australian counselor and psychotherapist is one such person.  Her recent piece on couldn't say it better....more


My house, one Thursday night, after putting the babies to sleep.  I'm sharing a bottle of wine with my husband when an internet article by a woman who does not know me assaults my way of life.  Polly Vernon begins her article for Marie Claire by essentially complaining that she has more work to do because a fellow coworker is out on maternity leave.  I understand where she is coming from when she says she bristled and acted in defense when some&nb...more

From Childless to Childfree

While I chose not to have kids, I have friends who have struggled with getting pregnant, and in talking with many childfree over the years, I've heard painful stories from those who traveled the road from being child"less" to living child"free" -- they have embraced not having children of their own and moved past (well almost anyway) the pain. How do they accept infertility?...more

Invisibility -- Seen it Lately?

"The minute you retire, it's as if you're invisible." I had to do a double-take when I read that sentence in an article about how difficult it is to get Stanford profs to make space for younger faculty. ...more

Looking Behind the New Childlessness Numbers

Taking my last post further, let's look behind why nearly 20 percent of women end their child bearing years without biological children, double what it was in 1976. Cindy Krishner Goodman in her article in the Miami Herald ferrets out...more

New Childlessness Stats--Down in One Area

Pew Research Center just released a report on women without children based on some new census figures from 2006-2008. The U.S. Census has been tracking “childlessness” (the term they use in their research) figures for some time now. However, it does not track the choice factor—whether a woman does not have children by choice or circumstance. The report indicates that of women aged 40-44, 18% did not have children....more

Yes, Virginia, there are nice childfree people ...

I will never be anyone’s mother in the biological, legal or fiduciary meaning of the word. But I am in the most traditional sense of the word, maternal. I know as well as any parent what it means to sacrifice willingly for a very long stretch of time. ...more

I refer the Honourable Lady to my response ...more

VIDEO: GINKs (Green Inclination, No Kids) on Choices

Lisa Hymas rocked the Internet this week with her GINK manifesto (green inclinations; no kids), a post where she prides herself on living child-free and how it has helped the environment. And another serve is lobbied in the endless battle between parents and childfree by choice. ...more

True, though some people may want to educate. Others may not. I have to imagine it is that way ...more

A life without children

Recently, my mother was sharing the story of a woman she met at the seniors club, I will call her Phyllis. Phyllis had been quite ill, was in hospital and upon release was in need of temporary home care. My mother remarked that due to medical cut backs Phyllis had difficulty finding anyone that could come to her home while she was recovering. Also, she noted "Phyllis never had any children... I don't know why?" "If she had had children at least she may not have been alone or would have had some help; though kids are quite busy these days with their own families."...more

Thank you. It can be taken as selfish, as you well noted by the doctors response and it can ...more

Calling All 30+, Married and Childless

I read a lot of mommy blogs, and while I enjoy them, I can't really relate because I don't have children.  I am 37 years old, married to a 50 year old man and we have no children.  We are not childless by choice but merely by circumstance. It seems to me like the only people who blog are:  (1) married with children, (2) single or (3) infertile.  While I fall in the third category, it's not something I want to dwell on. ...more

I used to not want kids. Now that I am over 40, I realize most of my friends talk about their ...more