Flat Screen TVs and Child Safety (GIVEAWAY)

One of the biggest things I think about as a parent is the safety of my baby. What toys are appropriate, what research do I need to do to make sure I’m keeping my little one out of harm’s way and what efforts I can make around my house to make sure it’s safe for a {now mobile} babe. Last week I got a message about a TV Safety Initiative. It brought up something that I had only recently begun to think about: How easy it is for a toddler to pull over a flat screen TV....more

Preschool Pointers: 15 - Actually a Toddler Trick

Okay, this is a toddler trick I saw at my cousin's, but it was so brilliant, I had to share it. Now, it only works for certain cabinets, but it is amazing.Problem: Your kid keeps getting into the cabinets.SOLUTION:...more

Childproofing Your House: What You Need to Know

I am lucky enough to have guest blogger Danielle Birch with me today. She gives some great tips on how to childproof your home.  ... ...more

Toddler Tricks - 5

Ways to trick your baby:Problem:  If you have toddlers, they are probably tall enough to reach all the drawers in the kitchen (not to mention the oven), and they'll spend endless entertained hours emptying those drawers.  But sometimes the contents of those drawers are dangerous. ...more