Homework Hydra Striles Again

So once again the homework battle has reared its ugly head and is threatening to engulf the entire family like the hydra that never dies. I really don’t know what it is about homework that upsets Highschoolboy so much. It’s not like he doesn’t understand that he is supposed to do his work. That work does come before play and that play is part of life not life itself....more

Snowicane, Autism, Crap the Dishwasher's Electric

The following blog was written the old fashioned way, by longhand, during the snowicane of 2010. As I sat in front of the fire and my head was spinning with what I would write about this adventure it dawned on me to use a writing implement and paper much like mankind had done for thousands of years before the advent of the computer. It was truly a revelation, one of several that would occur over these few days. So here is my musing about the events of the last four days, written as they occurred, in real time.   ...more

Parental Lying: I Told My Kid the Cat Eats Monsters

When my daughter was three years old, she developed a terror of monsters around the time our old cat, Sybil, died, and we moved into our current house. A week after Sybil's demise, we got a new cat, Bella. A new, monster-eating cat. I am not above a parental lie. In this case, I saw it as fiction; I am a storyteller. I wrote, in fact, an entire story about it, which I told my daughter I read in the Mommy Handbook. (She thinks I received this tome in the hospital and keep in my closet.) Chapter 13 is on monsters, and this is what it says: ...more

My daughter's big fear is bears.  Bears are afraid of her stuffed bears, our dog, her ...more

Help to educate kids to eat healthier. My nonprofit of choice:

I found my charity of choice finally. "Snack Smart Program for kids teaches kids to eat healthier  and life a healthy lifestyle.Vote for #chicago children. http://pep.si/9QNdG9  in the #pepsirefresh contest. You can vote everyday until 2/28Elizabeth Hannan http://www.twitter.com/elizabethhannan...more

CranioSacral Therapy Explained

Over 100 years ago Dr. William Sutherland made an amazing discovery regarding the existence of subtle breathing motions of every living tissue in our body. According to Sutherland, these motions were produced by the life force that exists in every living organism’s body; he called this life force “The breath of Life.” The spinal fluid is believed to carry this breath of life within and around the central nervous system.A few decades later Dr. John Upledger used these findings to develop what is today called CranioSacral Therapy (CST)....more

Giving Your Heart: Work

Somehow, Joy (my sister) and I have both entered professions dealing with children. I have taught special education in the same small town for many years and Joy works at a children's psychiatric facility. ...more

DSM Conundrum:Time to Get a Grip

I have decided to put my two-cents in on an issue that has arisen in the autism community. Now you know that I generally do not talk about controversial issues. I did discuss healthcare, and have mentioned the holocaust on occasion, once in reaction to some anti-Semitic tweets I received on twitter. But in general I stay clear of vaccine, biomed, alternative treatments (like hyperbaric), DAN, Jenny McCarthy or anything that is considered a hot topic....more

How Do You Handle an Advanced Reader?

So, what do you do with an advanced reader?My oldest is eight, and I recently realized that he reads at about a high school level. While I'm delighted on one level, I'm realizing that this creates a new problem. How much should I monitor his reading?...more

I have struggled with this same problem ever since my 9 year old was 5.  By the middle ...more

When sentences change from ''I was really drunk and...'' to ''Milo and I...''

Check out more at my blog: http://workingberlinmum.blogspot.com/?spref=fb...more

Babies on the Brain

My children are always on my mind. Lately I have been almost hyper aware of the fact that they are growing up. It may be that this happens every new year, as my babies are Summer babies, and they seem to make huge leaps in mental and physical development between October and January. It may be that this year because I am clear, aware, and mindful, that I'm noticing how much they've grown up and how they've changed. Whatever it is, I've been noticing some really cool things....more