Toy Story

One of the stories my mom often related was the tale of Adenoids, her favorite doll (yes, that was her name). Little Joanie adored Adenoids and took her everywhere. At some point, Mom decided that Adenoids was hungry, so she started feeding her bits of food through the doll’s small, open mouth. Needless to say, that quickly became one stinky dolly; one night Grandpa took matters into his own hands and threw Adenoids in the trash after his daughter was asleep....more

Love Isn't Tidy

I have a confession to make. Our home isn't always tidy.Maybe that's no surprise to you, since I have 2 littles undertow. Somehow that's surprising to me. I guess I thought maybe I could keep it all together with a 3 year old and an infant. I suppose, I was in fantasy mode whenever I thought this would be the case. Quite possibly I'm in fantasy mode because I think I actually can tidy up our home (one day). I've yet to really try, so I'll have to keep you posted on that progress....more

Spending Summer at Camp Mom

 Recently, my eleven year old daughter divulged her plans to attend college in Switzerland. Initially, the thought of this filled me with pride and excitement for her. Then, the mom in me roared her ugly head, reminding me that while I do a pretty decent job at mothering, I still have quite a way to go....more

Helping Children Sleep When Parents Split Up

I’ve just finished working with recently separated parents of a two-year old little boy and asked them for permission to use their story as inspiration for my blog this week. I’ve changed their names and the name of their son at their request.*****...more

I'm not like her, am I?

Noticing the changes that occur in all of us as we grow older is chilling. It’s a reminder that this life is not forever. It can also give a subtle reminder to enjoy each day as though it were our last....more

Oh Target, Please Stop

I was scrolling through Facebook and happened upon an article about Target's new Pillowfort gender neutral collection...first let me say from what I saw, as far as the actual products...I love them. I would purchase them in a heartbeat, if needed.While I do hate to stir the gender pot I am increasingly annoyed by the blurring, the greying...and I do love grey. I love grey sweatshirts and grey t-shirts...Other areas, the world around me...I like color, difference, black and white, variations of amazing choices......more

Ultimate Grandparenting the Boomer Way

I'm a proud Boomer grandparent and I can tell you that grandparenting has changed! We Boomer grandparents take grandparenting very seriously. Indeed! We grandparent like it's an extreme sport. I call it...Ultimate Grandparenting!...more
Tuesdays are "Theme Days" with my 5-year-old granddaughter.  We pick a theme and build a day ...more

“Don’t Treat Me Like A Child:” Emotional Abuse, a Normal Youth Experience

Are you in a relationship where someone tries to control you? Do they disregard your opinions, feelings, or suggestions? Do they try to make you feel like they’re always right and you're always wrong? If so, you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship or you may be a child....more

Traveling with Kids

As a family of four that lives on the west coast, who has a large family that lives on the east coast, we have made it our mission to get really good at this cross-country travel thing. Traveling with children, especially young ones, can undoubtedly be challenging, stress-inducing, anxiety producing and the ultimate headache generating. But with a few simple tips and tricks, a smooth flight can be on the horizon for all....more