“Don’t Treat Me Like A Child:” Emotional Abuse, a Normal Youth Experience

Are you in a relationship where someone tries to control you? Do they disregard your opinions, feelings, or suggestions? Do they try to make you feel like they’re always right and you're always wrong? If so, you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship or you may be a child....more

Traveling with Kids

As a family of four that lives on the west coast, who has a large family that lives on the east coast, we have made it our mission to get really good at this cross-country travel thing. Traveling with children, especially young ones, can undoubtedly be challenging, stress-inducing, anxiety producing and the ultimate headache generating. But with a few simple tips and tricks, a smooth flight can be on the horizon for all....more

5 Sports Legends You Probably Didn't Know have a Learning Difference

Lazy. Dumb. Bad. Stupid.If this is how your kid sees himself, it may take years to repair this damage and convince them otherwise.Kids with Learning Differences (L.D.) are more likely to struggle socially and with their own sense of self-worth than peers who are traditional learners. ...more

Homemade Christmas Gifts

It is that time again to start thinking about Christmas 2015Help children move away from buying gifts and here is an easy sewingproject for themClick here to read more...more

Should We Keep or Burn Those Old Journals?

From ages ten to thirty-two, I kept a journal. I remember my first one, a white, lined book with a lock that I was very excited about. It was hard for me to fill those pages....more

Teach Children to Recognize Kindness

Here is a simple activity that will help children look for acts of kindness Click here to read more...more

Rungle in the Jungle - Book Review

Baby Boy climbed up next to me so fast when I announced I had a new book to read...and it was on the computer! He just wants to be involved in computer work so much, yet I don't let him. Maybe it's my control issue, or maybe it's that he's 2 and just randomly touches buttons and uses keystrokes I know nothing about to change things and it takes me for-ever to figure out how to change it back! ...more

Convert a Two Wheeler Into a Balance Bike

Up until a week ago, Sola has absolutely refused to ride her bike without training wheels. I had begun to despair that she might never learn to ride a bike without training wheels....more

Divorce and children: How much do you tell your child about your divorce?

Divorce and Children: How much do you tell your child about your divorce?...more