Rungle in the Jungle - Book Review

Baby Boy climbed up next to me so fast when I announced I had a new book to read...and it was on the computer! He just wants to be involved in computer work so much, yet I don't let him. Maybe it's my control issue, or maybe it's that he's 2 and just randomly touches buttons and uses keystrokes I know nothing about to change things and it takes me for-ever to figure out how to change it back! ...more

Convert a Two Wheeler Into a Balance Bike

Up until a week ago, Sola has absolutely refused to ride her bike without training wheels. I had begun to despair that she might never learn to ride a bike without training wheels....more

Divorce and children: How much do you tell your child about your divorce?

Divorce and Children: How much do you tell your child about your divorce?...more

A Peace Garden

Today the children of our Mennonite church planted the first seeds in their Peace Garden a garden that will help our local food bank and teach the children about indigenous knowledge ours is a Three Sisters Garden  Click here to visit this post...more

Our Modern Day Brady Bunch

Happy Mother's Day!...more

The Truth About Motherhood

     The dictionary defines a mother as "a female parent; one known for providing care and protection over someone else; a person who expresses maternal affection to others." ...more

Children both blessing and lesson

This Mother Teresa Quote speaks to the what children bring into our lives.Click here to read more...more

He's Your Son, NOT Your Man: Three things to consider when raising a son...

I know you’ve seen it! The pictures of your friend with her son that seems a step above Motherly-Son love. It’s almost as if he’s taking the place of a partner as opposed to a child. It’s always a little creepy to see, but is often just explained away as a cute pic....more

Parenting: A Little Comic Relief

     After a long, trying day, a little comedic relief is in order. I have made several of these (pretty poorly drawn) cartoons for my kids on their white board over the course of our life together. I found a picture of one of them in my archives, and I just had to put it up on my blog here. Please forgive my lack of skill in the dry erase marker medium.   ...more