Children both blessing and lesson

This Mother Teresa Quote speaks to the what children bring into our lives.Click here to read more...more

He's Your Son, NOT Your Man: Three things to consider when raising a son...

I know you’ve seen it! The pictures of your friend with her son that seems a step above Motherly-Son love. It’s almost as if he’s taking the place of a partner as opposed to a child. It’s always a little creepy to see, but is often just explained away as a cute pic....more

Parenting: A Little Comic Relief

     After a long, trying day, a little comedic relief is in order. I have made several of these (pretty poorly drawn) cartoons for my kids on their white board over the course of our life together. I found a picture of one of them in my archives, and I just had to put it up on my blog here. Please forgive my lack of skill in the dry erase marker medium.   ...more

Teaching children money management

 Shopping with children can be a positive experience when child learn personal money management click here to read more...more

15 Everyday Jobs Little Kids Can Do Independently

Little kids love jobs. While kids can learn to do tasks for themselves, such as clear their plates or get dressed, it’s also important for them to do jobs that help a collective. Young children are incredibly motivated by helping family members, friends, or even strangers. They love using their power and expertise in unique ways for the good of others.Just like adults, kids enjoy having ownership and independence. Letting kids do certain jobs “all on their own” improves their commitment and excitement. Simple is better....more

Let Your Child Choose to Build a Love of Reading

I love to read. I'm not sure how old I was when I started reading, and it wasn't exceptionally early, but once I learned, I devoured books - the smell of the pages, the smooth feel and glossy shine of the cover, trying not to bend the book so I did not crack the spine. I was addicted. When I was young, I'd hide under my covers at night with a flashlight and read. I loved Sweet Valley Twins, The Babysitters Club, Ramona Quimby and Judy Blume books. I wasn't allowed to read Sweet Valley High books, nor did I find them that appealing, but I read them anyway....more

Making Memories

Us moms are often so busy with the day-to-day of keeping our families going that we forget how important the memories we're making are. I know from personal experience that the days go by so fast that the memories I'm making with my kids often slip away before I can even take the time to appreciate them. My sketchy memory is the main reason why I blog and why I take pictures, so that I can remember the big and little things that make up the bits and pieces of my life. The memories that I don't want to forget....more

8 Ways to Be Strategic With Toys

Toys can be great ways to help kids learn, socialize, mimic the adult world, have fun, learn how to share, practice vocabulary and motor skills, and learn pre-academic skills.Here are 8 ways to sustain interest in toys and use them to overcome everyday challenges....more

Creative Ways to Nurture Your Child's Strengths

One way we can delight in our children is to know their strengths – inside and out – and creatively provide opportunities for them to do the things they really love. Carving out time and space from our busy days to honor our children’s beloved activities, unique traits, and favorite interactions helps them thrive.We want to notice the times when our children “light up” and make it easy for them to enjoy the things that they love....more