For My Daughters...

For My Daughters,So much time has gone by since the day you were bornFrom that moment on I knew that I now knew loveYour contagious laughter and hugs so warmYou are a gift from heaven above.I know I have not been a perfect motherMistakes were made, hearts were shatteredBut I swear to you this, I love you like no otherYou being happy was all that mattered.I pray that someday you will understandThat parents are only human just like youSo forgive my mistakes and take my hand...more

Baby’s first finger foods

It happens quickly with little ones. They may be at home or at baby daycare. It may start with a simple, longing look or a ninja-fast snatching hand. But one day you’re giving them pureed, mushy barely-not-liquefied food, and the next they’ve sprouted a couple of teeth and they don’t want something dribbled off a spoon into their mouth, they want whatever you’re having. All of it. Now. Apple? Yes. Carrots? Yes. Giant-sized Jawbreaker from the candy store that they don’t have a prayer of effectively gnawing on? Absolutely....more

From the Mouths of Babes, Our Tears are given Meaning and Purpose

There are literally hundreds of glow-in-the-dark stars of all shapes and sizes taped to my boys’ ceiling. When their light goes out for bedtime, their room still glows like the night sky at the request of both our boys.But what I didn’t know until recently is that the boys have given certain stars to people they know are in heaven – their big brother, Great (Grandma) Hasamear, Great (Grandma) Mitchell and my dad, their Grandpa Mike. I walked in a few nights ago to hear my five-year-old singing while lying in his bed in the dark. I asked him what he was doing and his answer stopped me in my tracks....more

14 Differences Between Older Moms and Younger Moms

I’m a mom of a “certain age.” My first daughter was born when I was 39 and my second at 41. I didn’t plan it out that way. It just happened to take me longer to find the man I would marry. (Or, to be honest, one willing to marry my mess-of-a-self.)...more

The Broken Chairs

My brother-in-law (my husband’s brother) enjoys working with wood. He’s used his talents to make his children toy boxes and a table and chair set. For our anniversary one year, he made a beautiful cutting board for us. In his home sits a lovely end table that sits next to his living room chairs. You wouldn’t recognize that it was crafted by a wood hobbyist. The only way I know is because he told us he made it....more

Be the 'Do as I Do' for them, not just the 'Do as I Say'

So I know I’ve been in a mother-figure role for the last 14 years, but since I had my boys I have come to realize how impressionable the young minds of children really are from the moment they are born.Now at the ages of 5 and 2, nothing gets past these two. And I mean NOTHING!Any time a foul word may accidentally get uttered from one of our mouths, my two-year-old is quick to repeat it the best he can just because he heard us say it. This usually comes into play more when in the car and tensions are running high, and maybe I spout off something like, “You, stupid moron!” to another driver. (Okay, this is a little tame for me.)  I’m usually quick to rethink my words (a little too late though) when I quickly hear “Stupid moron!” come from the backseat.But they want to be just like us because we are their parents -- their first role models. Even down to the fact that I'm always finding my kids walking around clumsily in my shoes or my husband’s shoes, our kids want to do what we do, act like we do, talk like we do, be who we are and literally, walk in our shoes.So being the example for our kids is one of the most crucial things we can do for our kids....more

My Housekeeper Thinks I'm Bringing Sexy Back: A Mortifying, Not-Quite-Kinky Tale

Our housekeeper, Sabrina, has been with my family for almost four years. The day she came into my life, it changed for the better....more
jengarry Thanks so much for reading.  Sadly, as far as embarrassing experiences go this is low ...more