The Ultimate Intruder: Head Lice

Head lice invade over one million scalps per year, most of which tend to be kindergarten and early school age children, and they quickly invade the rest of the family! There are many myths out there, like a lice infestation means you are unhygienic, but that actually isn’t true.  The wingless, tiny parasites that live on your scalp and the blood source to your scalp, actually prefer a cleaner home, and is spread by close contact and sharing clothes (hats) and other personal items (towels, brushes, etc.) The official name is pediculosis capitis, and there are some ways to prevent your little ones from bringing home this infection, and what to do when they do bring it home! ...more
avad I think the issue can be the grooming and removal of the nits with long or thick hair. ...more

Do All Kids Want To Learn?


The Kitchen Think: Read This Before You Buy Your Halloween Candy!

If you hand out goodies on Halloween, here's something to consider before filling your shopping basket....more

You Control Your Child’s Inner Voice. What You Can Do To Ensure That Your Kid's Inner Voice is Positive.

I read a quote today by Peggy O’Mara, the woman behind many publications including Mothering Magazine from 1980-2011 and It read, “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”. This got me thinking. I had just finished nagging my 3 year old to pick up the pieces to the Hungry, Hungry Hippo game before our 13 month old foster baby got a hold of the marbles. I certainly did not ask him to do it in the most gentle way possible, using words of encouragement....more

How to Fight Cyberbullying

From “The Karate Kid” to “How to Train Your Dragon” to “Little House on the Prairie,” bullying is a common theme that reflects the real issues children and young adults face when peers begin a campaign of hate. And because learning how to subdue a rare dragon or perform a threatening karate kick isn’t effective (or even realistic) in social settings, parents have struggled to find the best way to explain bullying and give their children the tools necessary to combat — or simply survive — the unwanted attention....more
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Should we have more children?

'Are you going to have another one?''Are you going to try for a boy?'These questions have been popping up, annoyingly alot, ever since we had our third child. Which raises the question to ask ourselves. 'Do we want more?'James says a big fat NO!...more

Dear Hasbro; My Letter to the CEO

Dear Mr. Goldner: I have been a Hasbro customer for my entire life. I grew up in Ohio and have had Tonka Trucks, Mr. Potato Head and Elmo toys to play with and enjoy all throughout my childhood. Once I became a parent, I turned to Hasbro toys to entertain, engage and help educate my children....more
Thank you for this post. I didn't know Magic Jinn existed before I found this post and now that ...more

Invisible Lines for Now

It was about sixth grade when I realized that there were “popular” kids. I’m sure I had seen some evidence before then, but I distinctly remember realizing in the sixth grade that I had been invited to a birthday party of a popular girl, and maybe, just maybe, I was in with the cool crowd. I remember visiting her house. It was much bigger than mine. Although, it has faded considerably in my memory now.There was a limousine involved and some driving past our rival middle school. I remember feeling pretty important to be invited to a birthday party where I got to ride in a limo....more

1st day of school was a success!

Wow... time is going by so fast for this mama (Nannie)!I sent my baby girl, Cheeks off as a sophomore in high school. I'm just so proud of her & the goals that she has set for herself! Aubrey has always told our kids to remember the 3 things: Who's you are (God's child) ~ Where you came from ~ You can ALWAYS call home! I pray this school year is the BEST yet!...more