Why I No Longer Share Pics of my Kids Online

When I first started Teaching My Baby to Read two and a half years ago I was a blogging newbie.  My first few months of blogging, I shared pictures of my children just like every other blogge...more

Copyrights, Watermarks, And Internet Creepy Crawlies

Online trash is a dime a dozen, and you’d be shocked and disgusted by what the sweet old man who lives next door is looking at after his wife finishes her online shopping.  Some of my dearest friends work for law enforcement, and the stories that they tell about how children are violated on the Internet is enough to make you never hit “post” on a photo of your child again.  There are Internet Creepy Crawlies ...more
I don't have children but have put a few pics of my nieces and nephews crafting with me with my ...more

Are Your Kids Chatting with Brands or Real Kids?

I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago and one of the companies presenting was a kid-targeted social network. Apparently this particular social network has over 11Million global members (remember, these are kids) and they spend on average 65 minutes PER DAY using the site. ON AVERAGE. Lost in Thought by johnb2008 via Flickr...more
I guess I feel like this is a tad over-dramatic. Yes, they're KIDS. Yes, they still need ...more

Private Is As Private Does In The Age Of The Internet

The other day I attended, as a speaker, the 2010 Consumer Privacy Consultations of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Yes, that’s a mouthful. That’s how you can tell that we take these things seriously in Canada. We have commissionary offices that hold public consultations. ...more

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I was interested to read your views on the issue of privacy and ...more