Where to Look: Miraculous in the Usual

I was immersed in the whistles of high bough song birds and moss so soft and spongy that my knees and feet sunk into the ground. I waited kneeling at the base of majesties. As silent as the arrival of intuition or an angels approach the canopy of my temple opened and the heaven's poured in. Light!“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”  -William S. Burroughs...more

Riding The Horse When We Get There

I'm finding myself in a doctor's office, again... My son has just taken off his shirt to get his chest examined. The sight of the gaping hole at the level where his chest bone should be has become so familiar that it's not shocking to me anymore. The doctor isn't visibly shocked either, it's her daily job to examine sick kids and kids with deformities. But when she starts talking I can hear the worry in her voice. 'I think it has gotten worse since the last time I saw him and maybe the time has come to do something about it' she says......more
Beautiful! I'm holding back tears.   I tend to be a worried, indeed waiting to ward off pending ...more

Guest Blogger, Naomi Esterly

Introducing Guest Blogger, Naomi Esterly INTRODUCING GUEST BLOGGER, NAOMI ESTERLY   I'm excited to welcome my first guest blogger to Deaf in the Kitchen , Naomi Esterly.  Naomi writes freelance for 1800Wheelchair.com....more

Dear Teacher

Dear Teachers and staff at Primary School, Hi there My name is Cooper and I am starting Prep this year. I am very excited to be starting school. I am really looking forward especially to German class and learning anything about Science. I love seeing how things work and why they work and who invented them.  I have an amazing imagination and am full of so many creative ideas. I also love beign outdoors and learning about how a farm works. When you first see me lots of people see my walker, or my wheelchair before they really see me....more

What is normal anyhow? Having special needs doesn't make me special - by Forgetful Dad

Jodi & Corey Shaw | rantsnrascals.com ...more

Fostering Love: An Oprah's-Angels Moment for a Disabled Daughter and Her Inspiring, Aging Parents

The Fight for a New Home for Bridgette ContinuesI am happy to report that people are amazing. ...more