Our daughter is severely allergic to nuts, yet we allow them in our home. Here's why.

8 months ago I started my blog Feed Me Dearly with the intention of covering a food-related topic that hits close to home. As many of you know, in this country, and around the world, we’re facing an epidemic; a serious, and growing public health concern. Food allergies are on the rise, touching millions of families worldwide.A few facts to consider:...more

I cannot believe I let him go without ME!

Why this mom wants Baileys for breakfast Yes, I wanted Baileys for breakfast.No, I did not have Baileys for breakfast....more

Top Ten Food Allergy Lessons-In Honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week

This week is Food Allergy Awareness Week and for what it's worth, as a mother of a son with severe food allergies, I compiled a top ten list of things I have learned along the way, about myself, the process, and myself in the process.  Top Ten Food Allergy Lessons1. The process sometimes stinks, but you have to be vigilant....more

Don’t Miss Out On Giving Back This Holiday Season: Donate $2 And Help Sponsor A Child To Attend A Gluten-Free Summer Camp (All D

There’s an age-old saying that, in my opinion, has never been more true… “It’s better to give than to receive.” And the holiday season...more