Retiring Baby: When Your Little One Grows Up

It's the night before the first day of school. Everyone's in good spirits, some more excited than others, but it's good enough. My youngest sat in bed, cuddling his little blue bear, “Baby.” I smiled as I remembered the first time I gave him that bear. He was a small guy, maybe three-years-old. He was going to bed and experiencing his typical nighttime anxiety, not wanting me to leave the room until he was fast asleep. I sat at the edge of his bed and picked up the little blue bear, and put it into his arms. He quickly cuddled it. ...more
This resonates with me having just kissed my baby girls goodbye at the school gates for their ...more

If I Could Keep You Little

Book Review of If I Could Keep You Little by Marianne Richmond...more

Christmas is coming...but I'm not feeling it.

I can't explain it.Orchard Rd. is covered in the most obnoxious Christmas lights you can imagine. Glorious but obnoxious.Every mall in the area has their decorations and trees up, and every block is a different holiday color scheme.Tanglin Mall shoots fake snow into the air every night at 7:30-ish for the kids to play in....more

What I Learned On A Weekend Getaway

My husband and I are crossing a bridge to a resort island for a fall weekend getaway.  It’s just the two of us in the car and we take in the sight of salt marshes stretched out beneath us and sailboats on the horizon. It is a familiar beauty, this road to the beach; we have taken it before. There were summer family vacations here. There were getaways like this one; weekends without the kids. But this is the first time that we cross this bridge in our fifth decade....more

The Year He Broke the Code of Childhood Games

He figured it out! He asked me… I couldn’t lie… I couldn’t turn the question around on him, “What do you think?” He told me to tell him truth.  I had to give-up… give-in… come clean.My son asked me if I was the one who moved Little Elf (Elf on the Shelf). He demanded to know. I demanded to know why he was asking. Did someone say something to him?...more

The Mourning In Between

My heart has been breaking slowly over the last year and a half. Sometimes I can buck up and carry on like a good little camper. Mostly, though, I'm sad. And cranky. Come to think of it, the cranky doesn't have anything to do with the breaking heart, but there it is....more
Hello Karen, it is very nice to meet you. I really felt your post today. It is how I have been ...more

Don't Crush her Spirit

My baby is starting Kindergarten in less than two days.  I would be lying if I said I am totally fine with it.  I mean, I am FINE with it, but I am sending my youngest  to school.  Now, I have two school aged kids.  While some days feel like FOREVER, the collective years have flown by....more

The Roller Coaster of Motherhood

Not that it would have made a difference, but I wish when I was contemplating having children that someone would have told me that having a children is a never-ending roller coaster ride of emotions and worry. I was most likely told this, but being a hard headed, Italian/Irish, know everything kind of person, I didn't listen. To my defense, the warnings given were always followed with, "but you will love it!" And of course, I do!...more
Cannot possibly understand 'til you're there. Man, and I was was so judgmental before I became a ...more


Movin' On Up

  So today was the second day I dropped Em off at daycare without a single issue. No tears. No tugging at my pant legs. No facial meltdowns as I backed up slowly toward the door. No need for Em’s teacher to scoop her up and whisk her off to try and find something to distract her from my departure. It was awesome....more
Bullet dodged - epic win!! :0more