For Whom the Bell Curves

"Hold still!" I said to my son as I snapped a photo of him coming down the front steps. I take one every year on the first day of school. And the last. Capture his size, hairstyle, and current fashion taste forever. I have pictures of all three kids on every one of their first and last days of school. If only I scrapbooked....more
Howdy Isabel:) It's wonderful to meet you too! Thank you so much for your kind words. I will ...more

Balancing Between Childhood and Adulthood

He stands on the edgeofchildhoodarms open widereadyto embrace the world ...more

What Goes Around Comes Around

When I look at my daughters I sometimes see myself looking back. Often I hear and see myself in what they say, what they do, and sometimes even just the way they stand. They are little sponges in every sense of the word....more

Wordless Wednesday - Charlie lost his 1st baby tooth

Perfect Response!more

ChildHood - Installment II

Today's been quite a day. I have done positively... nothing.In order to change that I have come to add another ChildHood Installment. If you're just beginning this series, remember the beginning is the best place to start: Find Previous Installments Here:ChildHood - Installment I  ...more

Mom Nostalgia: What Passes In A Blink

Riding the subway with my sons, I look across to see a baby strapped to his mother’s chest, lovingly patting her face. (And then, not quite so lovingly, trying to stick his fingers up her nose.) I smile. Remember. My two are slumped against me, one at each shoulder; snuggled, tired, happy. On our way home from a boisterous day at the Cloister’s medieval festival, swords and shields safely stowed in our pack. I think the thought of all parents of older kids: “How did THAT turn into THIS?” Blink. Whoosh. ...more
@RuthNY Thank you. Yes at 9 there are whole new realms opening up, yet still they deign to hold ...more

Thoughts on Bedrooms, Toys and T Growing Older

With T at his grandparents, I decided to take the time to clean up his bedroom. The problem I find with his room is that it's less of a bedroom, and more of playroom....more

Parents Are Just People and Sometimes Children Need to Struggle

I am almost an empty nester. I haven’t been able to put my thoughts into words until I saw that movie last night. My son graduated from college a week ago. His growth into adulthood has been painful for the entire family. He has struggled with every part of studying, taking tests, caring for himself, and social relationships. But he had grown in many aspects of his academia....more

A wise psychologist I work with is raising his two sons alone when his wife died 10 years ago. ...more

A World Wide Web of Hope

I was recently searching my computer’s bookmarked web pages looking for an orzo salad recipe I had enjoyed a while back when I came across a page titled, BabyCenter.Com- First Trimester. I smiled, remembering those early days of pregnancy when I searched the Internet for answers to the questions that kept my prenatal brain in a constant state of curiosity. Why am I so tired? Doesn’t any store besides Old Navy sell maternity clothes? What the hell happened to my breasts??...more

My Older. My younger. My hearts.

I think that in order to go on fairly, I must formally introduce you to my childrens.  They are the most awesome childrens, I'm biased, I know, but they are. ...more