9 Ways To Teach Children About Feelings

I often tell my children to use their words when they are upset. I assume they know what they are feeling and can verbalize it to me. Wrong! It’s difficult for children to say what they are feeling because many times they don’t know what to name the feeling they are experiencing. Instead, they show us how they are feeling by throwing temper tantrums and having meltdowns. We first need to teach children the words to express their feelings before we require them to “use their words.”...more

The Isolation of Single Parenting|Disability

Single-Parenting is hard....more

Raise your hand if your kids are spoiled? Keep it there if you want to change that!

Tell me if you have been here before:“Mom, I wanna go here and do this”(which costs way too much money for a boredom/wasting time thing to do)Saying “no” invokes whining and nagging for hours but there has to be a line right? We can’t afford all the toys/entertainment in the world.Saying “yes” means giving into something your child doesn’t need to make them happy for a moment and make you the hero for an even smaller moment....more

Don't Forget Yourself

Don't Forget Yourself11/20/14As it is with most things Autism lately, I seem to be going in circles.  No two of these kids are the same and neither are their parents, but I keep running in the same cycle. It is my hope that by sharing what I’ve learned I can help another family. ...more
I can totally relate to this.  I have a three-year-old with autism.  When I stay up late, don't ...more

Our Journey Through "Different"

I have a wonderful two year old boy.  He will turn three this Friday, on Halloween.  He has big brown eyes, curly brown hair and a wonderful smile.  He loves his baby, his big sister (mostly) and his family.  He especially loves Choo Choos, balls, bubbles, animals, and swimming in the pool.  He also has some special challenges....more

ICare: Sharing their blessings to others

The staff at iCareGod has already given many blessings to a young couple and they want to make it grow by sharing their blessings to others.This in essence is why Renato Tangonan and his wife, lawyer Isah Echem –Tangonan opened iCare (an intervention center for autism and related exceptionalities) in Cagayan de Oro a year ago....more

Jellyfish in the Baby Pool: Protecting my child with special needs

Sometimes parenting a child with special needs is like the time I was shocked to find a jellyfish in the baby pool. Dangers and complications lurk where you least expect it. ...more

Dear Parent of Typical Children: Teach Your Child About Disability

Your children watch and learn from you, every day, every moment. They listen to your words, imitate your actions, follow your cues on how to behave in new situations, and mimic your example on how to interact with people they meet. And they will learn, from you, how to understand disability. ...more
YES! I think talking about it is SO important! I have had the chance the past two years to share ...more

The Teacher, the UK, and the Donation

Check out my fundraiser. Click here for my GoFundMe page. I am trying to raise funds to help buy my airline ticket to England for a summer study abroad fellowship I was selected for....more