Princess Parker Turns 2!

It is difficult to believe that our little Parker Ann is already turning 2. It seems like only yesterday she made her entrance into this world...and then the world, as we once knew it, changed and has never been the same. ...more

The Fun of Children's Birthday Parties

"Excuse me."I heard the small voice behind me, but I didn't know that I was the one being addressed so I kept going.  I was headed down the steps of the clubhouse to the bouncy castle to give Buddy the "five minute to departure" warning."Excuse me."  A little louder this time....more

How to Celebrate Birthdays Around the Holidays

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, the first thing I did after jumping up and down (we had been trying for a year), was to dig out a due date calculator.  Last period March 21.  Due date… December 25?  Oh no! ...more

Hi Magpie - You must not work in healthcare - there is no such thing as "rarely working ...more

Wow what a Summer !

Exciting news … As you can see we have a New Look! has just been re-designed. I’m so excited about this. Let’s take a peek at what is new. ...more

Inside the Mind of A Birthday Party Hostess

Imagine this story like a trip on the Magic School Bus with Miss Frizzle as the narrator. Shrink yourself to the size of a gnat and float through my ear for a close-up view of my mind during a birthday party for a horde of 1st graders. read more at ...more