But Where's the Wonder?

It Hurts When I Poop!(1) That is the actual title of an actual children's book, though not, I'm sorry to say, the sequel to the classic Everyone Poops.(2)No, it is an instructive children's book meant to help youngsters through the trauma of – I don't know – toilet training? Constipation? Hemorrhoids? At any rate, some kind of fundamental difficulty....more

Creating a Lifelong Reader

The other day I saw an article on the web, "Raise Lifelong Readers With These Handy Tips." (http://blog.theliteracysite.com/raising-readers/?utm_source=social&utm_m...)It was a good article, and I had to admire the author's pseudonym, Paige Turner. She (or he) said:Booklovers are not born. An interest in reading and a delight for stories found within the pages of a book is something that has to be carefully fostered....more

Writing for Children: Story Conflict

Writing tips…You may not realize it, but every story has conflict. Every story. Just like the “story concept” and the “MDQ”, if there is no conflict, there is no story. Even the most innocent, feel good, lovey dovey, soft-hearted children’s book story has conflict....more

25 Must-Read Picture Books

 "Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself."- George Bernard Shaw  I make no secret that I'm a book nerd....more

Good Night Moon

In the great green room...Tonight, Carlos chose "Goodnight Moon" for his bedtime book.  We haven't read it in a few months--I never got the sense he really liked it, but what do I know?...more

Indestructible Reading

As a first time Mama, I am learning things as my daughter and I move along in this wonderful journey.  We are at the point where everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING that is picked up goes straight into her mouth.  I read to her everyday, and have given her some of those hard books that have 5 or 6 pages in them, and they are the hard cardboard-y kind of books and she can't open the pages yet, etc...  she's only 6 months, afterall.  (A very merry half Birthday to Joanna Rose today!)...more
YES! I highly recommend them and so does Johnny Mac Pippin. He owns them all. :-)more

Children's Books That Don't Exist -- but Should!

For some random reason, I recently got to thinking about children's storybooks, and the web of crap we weave every time we present our youth with a Little Golden Book. No wonder little Johnny thinks he can create a time travel machine and make a million dollars. It's because he thinks people will invest in his project instead of stealing the idea and then suing him for damages. Sorry Johnny. Welcome to real life. Grab a beer and join the misery. So what if there were children's books that actually told the truth? ...more
RiffleChildrens, Thanks for tweeting my post! I shall await a call from some government agency ...more

"Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult time." - Allen Klein

   Author of comtemporary childrens' books dealing with realitic and social issues.tourettemama2012.blogspot.ca/http://talesttttt.wix.com/danicasurette#...more