Recommended Children's Science Literature - Book Reviews 2

Recommended Children's Science Literature - Book Reviews 2 The month of April celebrates National Library Week (April 13-19)! To celebrate, I will post Book reviews of Children's Science Literature. ...more

Book Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society

One area of literature I tend to neglect in my reading is children's literature. Unfortunately this means I miss a lot of good books but since the one I do read comes highly recommended I read some great kid-lit. Among that great kid-lit are some true gems, books that are so charming you want to tell everyone about them. The Mysterious Benedict Society, written by Trenton Lee Stewart and illustrated by Carson Ellis is one such book. ...more

When I was teaching I read a great deal of kid-lit.  I discovered that there is some really ...more

Thanksgiving Reading

As a Canadian, American Thanksgiving always seemed so...big. It seems like such a bigger event than our own harvest festival Thanksgiving held more than a month earlier. When I was a kid the difference in dates was so very confusing. I remember reading a book where a character talked about Christmas decorations coming out right after Thanksgiving and my response was, "What? Before Halloween???" Needless to say I've since learned a lot more about American Thanksgiving (I still don't get the football association, but then I don't really get football). What better way to celebrate it than to point out some Thanksgiving books? ...more

Ours is more comparable to a European harvest festival than American Thanksgiving. And it's a ...more