The struggle to stay on key

My son was singing in the bathtub. This is not new. What was new was what he was singing. There, echoing off the bathroom walls, in his slightly off-key, boys soprano came the classic lyrics of:...more

New Kids' Album Celebrates All Families

Families with same-sex parents are only one of the many types of families celebrated in the warm and funny new children’s album Dancin’ in the Kitchen, by two-time Grammy Award-winning duo Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer....more

Great Children’s Music Appeals to Adults as Well as Kids

There are many children’s songs that  parents enjoy almost as much as their kids because they  are performed by talented artists who simply love children. This type of music is a joy to listen to . It touches something deep inside us, resurrecting our inner child perhaps. I  love Skinnamarinky dinky dink; it really did make me as happy as my kids. What a contrast to poorly done children's shows and videos that are irritating and inane....more


"ZHUZHU PETS MEET THE BEATLESA NEW GENERATION WILL DISCOVER THE FAB FOUR THIS SUMMER!" With a plethora of global events celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles arrival in America ("Yellow Submarine" video remaster, McCartney "Ram" digital remaster, International Beatles Week Festival, etc) there's a new CD coming (July 31) that parents who grew up loving The Beatles will want to introduce their children to: ...more

Children's Music That Even Parents Will Love

This is a guest post by Niko Johnstone. Niko is a writer and recording engineer from Portland, Maine....more

Cool kid music for picky parents... like me!

I said I'd never do it. Not with my kids. *MY* children were going to grow up listening to cool, normal music. My music, of course. They would never actually WANT to sing such hits (hits that have been kid hits practically since the dawn of time) as "If you're happy and you know it" or "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Pshaw. And because my children would be that wise beyond their years, they will simply chuckle from their infant carriers (cue in the Stewie voice): "But of course mommy! ...more

Kids' Music Rocks! An Interview with Justin Roberts

What's a music lover to do when tickets for live shows of your favorite artists start at $25 a seat (and that's for the cheap ones)? ...more

Rock a Bye

Rock a Bye What is it with children’s music? We overheard these comments: “Most of the schlock that ’s labeled as kid’s music makes me want to reach for a Xanex.” “I’ve banned music from a certain purple dinosaur in favor of music that doesn’t make me want to slit my wrists.” Why not put your baby to bed with a collection of lullabies that you can enjoy too? Our Little Peapod’s I-t unes picks: ...more