Sports Parents - Are We The New Stage Mothers?

Georgia has been trying out for soccer teams.  She had placements for our town team last weekend and this past week, she tried out for a non-town travel team. Soccer try-outs are a very interesting study in human nature.  And by human nature, I mean parental nature.  For one thing, parents aren't allowed to get too close to the try-out action....more
@It's The Elliot Way I think that is a great idea!more

Is It Okay to Tell Your Child She Didn't Do a Good Job?

The youngest daughter is nine, and a year and a half ago, she decided to abandon the world of dance for the soccer field. My reaction was mixed. I loathed the world of dance moms, but as a recovering Catholic schoolgirl, completive sports probably aren’t the best alternative.I played sports the way most women of my generation did - with cutthroat abandon. Not for us was the idea of that sports was all about the "fun" and the "team spirit". We played to win. Second was, and continues to be, the first loser for me....more
@BlogHerMoms There are better ways to talk to your kids, or anyone for that matter. Also, the ...more