My Kid Just Had a 20 Minute Tantrum

My 4 year old had a 20 minute tantrum.Over candy corn.I shit you not.I told him and his twin that they can have some candy corn when we got home from preschool. As soon as we walk in they start throwing question after question at me at once:"Can I watch TV?""Can I have candy corn?""Why is your hair so frizzy?""Why didn't you find my toy and I want a cookie, and I want to watch tv.""What smells in here? Did you fart again?"(no)"Can I have candy corn NOW?"...more

Dealing with Temper Tantrums

"Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you have chosen it....more

Terrible one's? And warehouse shopping tips

Oh how my daughter has grown.....she was once a sweet mostly happy baby. As much as I love her my patience is surely being tested. There are days I just want to hide ha. It was like she turned one and then became this new person over night. She is moody, vocal and demanding. She can have on her favorite cartoon, Blues Clues, and have her toys and be happy and in a split second get angry and cry and throw herself on the ground. Part of it might be teething and part might be frustration because can't tell us what is wrong but I want my sweet baby back!...more

The Tantrum of All Tantrums

The “terrible twos” suck. And with respect to my now 3 year-old – they really did “BIG TIME!”  However, I (we) survived. Now, at 3, the tantrums, while much less frequent are 100-fold more disturbing and disruptive to anyone within a mile (or two) radius. On Monday, C (now 2), A (now 3) and myself (age not disclosed) went in for our 6 month dental exams. We had a bit of a rough start to the journey. It is winter and A refused to wear a coat. In retrospect I should have known that something was looming. ...more

Dealing With Temper Tantrums

We’ve all been there. You’re at Target or the mall and your wonderful spawn decides to throw a temper tantrum.In public....more

Waiting is too hard.

Jack wanted that bag of cookies.  His mom said, “Jack, I told you, we need to eat our breakfast first.”  He wailed and I mean it was loud, using the full extent of his lung power, “Noooooo I don’t wanna wait.  It’s too hard!”  In that small cafe, it doesn’t take much wailing to fill the room. Jack appeared to be four or five years old.  His mother looked at the few of us gathered in the cafe early one morning last week and shrugged apologetically.  ...more