Right-Brained, Wrong Brained? Let's Be Done with Standardized Testing!

Right here in Georgia, at the University of Georgia, we have a world-renown department called the Torrance Center which developed a "right-brain" standardized test years ago. Only our gifted students get to take it to gain entry into the elite programs. Imagine if some of our troublemakers -- or day dreamers -- took it? Wonder if "those ADD and dyslexic kids" took those kinds of tests. What if we tested each child to find their gifts and supported those? No, we test to find WHAT’S WRONG with children and then pound in their little heads how poorly they’re performing....more
I totally agree they need to get rid of standardized testing.  It just makes people feel like ...more

A Nice Surprise

If we're not careful, our parenting can be based on certain expectations and impressions. Sometimes we think of our child in one way - “athlete” or “drummer” - and just miss the other ways they might choose to be....more

A Creative Child