Teen Driving is the Leading Cause of Teen Deaths

In American culture, getting a driver’s license at 16 is considered a rite of passage. But lately, it has grown from an exciting stage of growth to a death sentence for thousands of teens every year....more

Handy Tire Safety Tips for Women

With American drivers putting more than 2,969 billion miles on their tires each year, and NHTSA reporting more than 11,000 tire-related crashes annually,  maintaining your vehicle’s tires is crucial to ensuring its safety on the road....more

Celebs Join Safe Kids Worldwide To Help Prevent Unintentional Injuries

On Saturday afternoon, April 5, 2014 the Safe Kids Worldwide organization held its second annual Safe Kids Day at The Lot in West Hollywood, California, to raise awareness about preventable injuries, the number one killer amongst children in the United States. ...more

AskPatty And Chevrolet Support Safe Kids Day to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Car

According to SafeKids.org, preventable injuries are the #1 killer of kids in the U.S. and each year a million families around the world lose a child to these injuries. We all know kids are going to fall, crash, slip, and explore....it’s part of being a kid....more

Parenting Blind Spot: Are your kids prepared for an emergency?

We are the parents to 3 beautiful little ones under the age of 5.  As loving and caring parents, we have done everything we can think of to keep them safe while inside (and even outside) our home.  They all sit in appropriately facing 5 point harness car seats, we cut up hotdogs to sizes that even mice could eat, there is a list of emergency numbers plastered on our fridge, bumpers on every sharp corner, gates at the bottom/top of stairs, etc.  I mean, you name it and we have thought of it....more