San Pedro de Atacama is located in the northern part of Chile, and it is the driest place on earth.  It has the most gorgeous landscape – a lovely desert with pockets of greenery.  Depending on the time of day that you go, you might be lucky and see pink flamingos when visiting the Salar de Atacama (giant salt lake) . The sunsets are also breathtaking.  San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most memorable places for me, as it was the first place I visited on my own when I lived in Chile....more

Plated + Served: Red Chile Sauce (Salsa de Chile Guajillo)

Cooler weather makes me crave things that are warm and spicy… like this tangy rich red chile sauce made from beautiful dried guajillo chile pods....more

10 Places To Go & Things To Do When Traveling to Chile

Below is a top ten list of things worth doing and seeing if you’re planning a trip to Chile, or wasn’t planning a trip to Chile and perhaps after reading, a visual or description or two will change your mind.The Magical and Isolated Easter Island:...more

~Chuckwagon Shepherd's Pie!

~Chuckwagon Shepherd's Pie!   ...more

Chilean Earthquake

When I hear about catastrophes like the earthquake in Chile over the weekend, it seems so distant that it’s hard to relate. Normally I feel terrible for people who’ve suffered, but when it’s far away and doesn’t directly affect me – I feel sad and helpless. When the place that a tragedy occurs also happens to be the place I’ve visited and where family and friends live – the abstract distance does not apply…and wow does it ever change the watching the news experience....more

How to Help Chilean Earthquake Survivors

Last Saturday, February 27th, Chile was hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Today it experienced a 6.6 magnitude aftershock.If you're looking for ways to help the earthquake's survivors, the sites and blogs below have posted lists of relief organizations working in Chile: ...more


Dedos de Travesti Ella nunca había pensado siquiera en los dedos de un travesti. La vida, con sus extraños giros, sin embargo, la llevó directo a ellos. Era de noche y, junto a un grupo de amigos y su pareja, iniciaron lo que para ella era toda una aventura: adentrarse en una disco gay de ésas de vanguardia. Por esos años, la más codiciada era una de nombre apropiado, como un refugio de guerra pero en inglés, por supuesto; un antro capitalino de costosa entrada y renombre. ...more