Trump Takes On China - Again

Continuing the theme set in his December 4th tweet storm, President Elect Trump stated on Sunday that the US may not be bound by the One China Policy and laid out his gripes with China during an interview with Fox News:...more

China's Power Over the US and the World

Ask Americans what they think of China and many will say it is a major culprit that steals US manufacturing jobs by using cheap labor.  Bankers and CEOs may tell you that China manipulates it's currency to further steal jobs.  President Elect Trump seems to agree with these statements according to some of his latest tweets.  So what should we know about China's power over the US and the world?Chinese Power over US Imports and Exports...more

Trump's China Policy

Trump accepted a "congratulatory phone call" from Taiwan's President on Friday.  As expected, China protested this perceived breach of the long standing U.S. One China policy.  The policy has been in place since Nixon opened relations with China.  In a nutshell, China claims sovereignty over Taiwan....more

On Being A Conspicuous Family

When you see my family’s holiday photo cards, you’ll see that we all look roughly similar, except for my youngest daughter.  With her black hair and brown eyes amidst a sea of blonde-haired, blue-eyed siblings, she stands out as looking different from the rest of us.Not too long ago I was at my grocery store checking out when the cashier, looking at my youngest, asked me, “Did you kidnap her?”  Shocked and rendered speechless, I paid for my groceries and made a hasty exit of the store where I promptly called my mom to convey what had just transpired.  ...more

Travelling with Thom-Always an Adventure!

So, I asked him, “Do you have any weapons?” before we left the house.  Why?  Because Thom likes to be prepared and that, at the very least, means a swiss army knife is on his person at all times and could also mean that he has a knife or two in as well owing to his Idahoan “survival” mentality for the many years we lived there in the woods.  Thank God he had to give up the guns when we moved to China.  Having grown up in NYC, he was elated to get some firepower to protect his family in the wilderness when we moved to Idaho…latent mountain man that he is.  Knowing hi...more

*China makes bad pet treats* read this story about animals all over becoming sick and dying from pet treats, and this article from the FDA Please take the time to make your own homemade delicious treats!   ...more