Why Do You Get Scared When You See Something Twitter Trending?

Chincoteague was trending. The little beach town where our family has spent its summers since Josh and I got married was trending on Twitter. I couldn't even wait for my computer to open. I Googled the town's name from my phone. I assumed there was a shooting. Barring a shooting, maybe a natural disaster closed the beach. Or a shark attack; there had already been so many strange shark attacks this summer. No, it had to be a shooting. Or a shark attack. Shooting. Shark attack. ...more

Chincoteague, Virginia: Summers of Sand and Horses

Four or five times every summer, we bypass the closer beaches of Ocean City, Bethany, and Rehoboth and head out through the farmland and poultry processing centers to reach Chincoteague, a beach town built adjacent to Assateague Island.  Every horse-loving child knows Chincoteague as the setting for the Misty series, and yes, the Beebe ranch is still there as are all the wild ponies which are still rounded up every July and roam free around Assateague all year round. ...more
I loved the Misty books when I was a kid, and I've always wanted to go there. Your pictures make ...more