Fluffy & Colourful Chinese Steamed Cake (鸡蛋糕)

I’ve never succeeded in steaming huat kuehs (发糕) to make them blossom like flowers. They either refuse to rise generously or to split and open up obediently while being steamed....more

A Finally Successful Attempt To Bake Peanut Cookies

Lesson learnt: Never ever follow the steps taken right out of a microwave manual. It’s horrible and distasteful....more

Interior Design: Year of the Horse

Equine inspired furniture and accessories have been popular in the interior design world for a couple of years, and it's popularity is still high.  Chinese New Year was on Friday, and it is the year of the horse.  With it being the year of the horse, I don't think equine popularity is going anywhere, anytime soon....more

Home-Made Spicy Pork Floss Roll (Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!)

My family members love eating this snack during the Chinese New Year, one which isn’t readily available at the local stores or supermarkets. The common ones that are sold off-the-shelf are those wrapped with shrimp floss and not pork floss, perhaps because the latter isn’t halal. Hence we would always have to resort to making these for ourselves at home....more

TUTORIAL: How to Make Chinese New Year Red Envelopes (w/ free template)

Today, I am going to share a fun and simple tutorial on an upcoming holiday – Chinese New Year! In many Asian cultures, New Year’s is not always celebrated on January 1st, but on the ”new moon of the first month according to the lunar calendar.” In fact, some Korean friends in Cyprus invited us to celebrate Korean New Year’s based on the lunar calendar in 2013....more
Karen Ballum Thanks for reading, Karen!more

More Coconut Cookies Please!

Chinese New Year Festivities in Shanghai

There was a towering gold horse, of course, with smoke streaming out his huge bedazzled nostrils (what the Hell, might as well add to the hazy polluted skies) as well as Snow White & the Dwarfs, Mary & Joseph, the Easter Bunny and many other sequined and totally unconnected characters all featured at Yu Yuan Gardens in an over-the-top Chinese New Year Celebration for the Year of the Horse.  It didn’t make any sense whatsoever but it was quite the show that you just have to experience to believe...more

Chinese Almond Cookies To Prepare For Chinese New Year

I’ve actually wanted to make peanut cookies, because I personally savour the fragrance of peanuts more than that of almond. But! Surprise! Surprise! The lack of ground peanuts here, plus a reluctance on my part to grind the nuts myself with a pestle and mortar, has allowed us to enjoy 2 other types of lip-smacking cookies which we would otherwise not have thought of making. How I love life’s little surprises and the blessings in disguise....more

Chinese New Year-Have eel, will travel!

Walking by the hanging meat, fish and “who the hell knows what it is” on the sidewalk, Thom and I wondered why there seemed to be an increase in the endless bonanza of carcasses on parade.  ...more