Chinese New Year Spring Vegetables

Cashew Nut Cookies For Chinese New Year

It’s the time of the year to bake Chinese New Year cookies again! I’ve decided to revisit a previous recipe but use a different ground nut powder instead....more

Steamed Chicken With Mushroom & Herbal Gravy

It’s going to be Chinese New Year again in two days’ time.Time passes by so quickly. Last year this time, I was still waiting impatiently for the little one to be born. This year’s Chinese New Year would be the first one that the ten-month old is going to have....more

Gung Hay Fat Choi – Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, 2/8/16

The Chinese New Year of the Monkey, on February 8th, is expected to bring energy, wit, innovation and a bit of impishness to 2016. Be prepared for a fast paced, unpredictable year. Cleverness abounds, but do be careful of false promises.Risk vs Reckless. Stay grounded!Gung Hay Fat Choi     ...more

Orange Sponge Cake – Arise, Let It Rise!

This is definitely a cake that screams ‘HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!‘Read more from 'Orange Sponge Cake – Arise, Let It Rise!'....more

The Way Overdue Fried Nian Gao

It was a dish meant for the celebration of the Chinese New Year, but due to work commitments, I never had a chance to get down to preparing it until now....more

Fluffy & Colourful Chinese Steamed Cake (鸡蛋糕)

I’ve never succeeded in steaming huat kuehs (发糕) to make them blossom like flowers. They either refuse to rise generously or to split and open up obediently while being steamed....more

A Finally Successful Attempt To Bake Peanut Cookies

Lesson learnt: Never ever follow the steps taken right out of a microwave manual. It’s horrible and distasteful....more

Interior Design: Year of the Horse

Equine inspired furniture and accessories have been popular in the interior design world for a couple of years, and it's popularity is still high.  Chinese New Year was on Friday, and it is the year of the horse.  With it being the year of the horse, I don't think equine popularity is going anywhere, anytime soon....more