Southwest Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Sauce

The past couple of weeks my diet has been…suffering. In a crazy whirlwind of travel and helping everyone pack, move, and unpack I've gotten lazy and have been grabbing whatever was convenient, leaving me feeling sluggish and well, gross. ...more

Yummy Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowls!

I love Chipotle. I would eat there every day if I could! I always get a burrito bowl and they're absolutely delicious! So to save a little money, I decided to try to make them at home.  I must say, they turned out much better than I expected!  ...more

Plated + Served: Mini Jalapeño and Chipotle Cornbread Loaves with Tupelo Honey Butter

There’s a lot to say about these mini cornbread loaves: tender, spicy, moist… corny.But one thing you definitely can’t say: boring.Some friends threw together an honest-to-goodness Texas barbecue last weekend (we’re talking smoked, not grilled, meat). I knew there’d be lots of sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, so I brought cornbread to share (and to mop my plate)....more

Chipotle Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled Chipotle Chicken Kebabs

Grilled Chipotle Chicken KebabsPublished May 18, 2013 | By Stacey...more

Throw a Cinco de Mayo Barbecue With Chipotle Grilled Chicken

This is my new go-to recipe for chicken; because what can’t be improved with chipotle? This started out as a basic marinade for summer grilling, but one thing led to another and I just couldn’t keep the chipotle out of there. So here we are with this Mexican inspired marinade, and you know what? Chipotle Grilled Chicken has just become my new building block for all things Mexican. Image: Courtesy of GI 365 ...more
No, because we actually have mexicans in the family.more

Chopped Chicken Salad With Chipotle Dressing


Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayonnaise from Skinnytaste

This is a big holiday week in the U.S., with Independence Day celebrations probably inspiring a lot of you to cook outside, even if it is a bit hot out there! Burgers have to be the number one thing that gets cooked on the grill, and for a Meatless Monday burger option, I love the idea of these Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayonnaise from Skinnytaste. Gina says even the confirmed carnivores at her house gobbled these up, although they were a bit too spicy for the kids. ...more
That does sound good!more

Chipotle Burgers with Cilantro-Lime Crema

As long-time friends, Juliana and I share a lot of our memories about food—like the “urban hikes” we used to take that always led directly to our favorite dim sum joint, the time we tried to cook nopales with soy sauce, or the gut-busting Thanksgiving feast we enjoyed, inexplicably, in the middle of a July heat wave. ...more
@Rachel Vdolek So glad it intrigues you -- come back and let us know how you liked it once your ...more

Chipotle Squash Salad with Jicama & Avocado from Eats Well with Others

All I had to do was read the recipe title and I knew this Chipotle Squash Salad with Jicama, Goat Cheese, and Avocado from Eats Well with Others was something I'd love to try. The squash is roasted and then tossed with jicama and lime juice and served on a bed of spinach with avocado and goat cheese. With all these great flavors going on in a Meatless Monday dinner I'm guessing no one will even think about meat!...more
@joanneeatswell @BlogHer My pleasure! Your recipes are always so creative.more