Chocolate Tofu Pie

Chocolate Pie, does it get any better than this? If you ask my husband, he’d tell you no. This chocolate pie recipe is a bit different, it has a twist. It’s moo-less. What’s moo-less you ask?  No dairy. In fact this pie is completely vegan, because…wait for it…it’s made with tofu.Gasp! Tofu?!Yes, tofu....more

French Silk Pie

This no-bake Chocolate Pie is fantastic!  You won't know it's healthy while you are eating it!  This recipe contains tofu which is high in protein.  One slice of this pie has about 230 calories, which is about half of the calories in a regular chocolate pie.    ...more

Grandma Nell's Chocolate Pie

From "Life's a Bowl of Cherries" @ ...more