Fair Fare

                Go for a spin, funnel cakes. Goud-an outta here, fried cheese curds. Aw, shucks, corn dogs.                You’re so last year’s fare....more

Do You Want to Win Friends and Influence People? Try Quirky Candy Gifts.

I have a wee bit of a reputation for sending quirky gifts - weird books, cool t-shirts, chocolate covered bacon. You know, all of the best stuff. The kind of stuff that causes an entire office full of BlogHer staff members to squee when I walk in the door. They love me, and I'm pretty sure it's for the chocolate covered bacon. OK maybe not JUST for the chocolate covered bacon, but I swear it increased my value to the company. Do not overlook the power of gifting with quirky chocolate. ...more

Anything from Foodzie.com is a good gift for a foodie. They've got super tasty artisan ...more