Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse

Easy Luscious Chocolate Mousse

More like a classic French chocolate mousse...my way!http://italiangirlcooks.com/easy-luscious-chocolate-mousse/...more

Chocolate Mousse

This rich, creamy, indulgent chocolate mousse, quick, simple but delicious. Take in 20 minutes, great dessert for dinner party....more

Chocolate Chilli Mousse

Recipe for Chocolate Chilli MousseThe spicy chilli in this simple but luxurious chocolate chilli mousse complements the dark Sicilian chocolate perfectly creating a memorable flavour and the perfect aphrodisiac Valentines dessert!...more

Recipe for a Light Chocolate Mousse

Even when you're being good, you have to be just a little bit bad....more

Cookies and Chocolate Mousse

Correction, make that vanilla bean sugar cookies and dark chocolate mousse. Don't you just love how good those sound together? Well, they were good together, and I have Thomas Keller (of Bouchon and The French Laundry fame) and his recipes to thank for it. Actually, I have my friends, Shelley and Brett, to thank because they suggested we focus solely on the recipes of Thomas Keller for dinner club this month....more

Decadent Chocolate Mousse Pudding Recipe - Vegan/Almost Raw/Gluten Free - Dessert A Day Project #3

Chocolate Mousse for all the die hard chocolate lovers in the vegan world. But don't you worry you precious healthy heart, this recipe contains a secret ingredient. My healthy fat lover Avocados....more

Counting Down Advent…5 Days Left: Christmas MOUSSE AU CHOCOLATE

What makes a belly jolly, a gloomy heart merry, and the bitter medicine go down? Why…a spoonful of light-as-air chocolate mousse, of course!When the unexpected troubles of life seem to weigh me down, I find that there is no better comfort for my soul than a bowl of mousse au chocolate.Come; take a comfortable seat at our cozy table. Dinner is served!Recipe serves 8 (recipe needs to be prepared 24-hours before serving)STEPS 1 (chocolate):...more
We are actually moving 3 minutes away. Exactly! Hubby and I clocked it. So that is very cool, ...more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Chocolate Mousse Pie

Last night my sweet baby girl turned twenty-seven, and so it was of course time for yours truly to crank out the requisite confection, which this year turned out to be a chocolate mousse pie with a graham cracker crust—as per her preciously predictable chocolate proclivity. When she was little she always wanted a Cake Roll....more

Chocolate Chantilly - "Easy Chocolate Mousse"

Hervé This' Famous Chocolate Chantilly - Prepare the Best Chocolate Mousse using an easy chocolate mousse recipe, molecular gastronomy and two ingredients-water and chocolate....more