Cookies and Chocolate Mousse

Correction, make that vanilla bean sugar cookies and dark chocolate mousse. Don't you just love how good those sound together? Well, they were good together, and I have Thomas Keller (of Bouchon and The French Laundry fame) and his recipes to thank for it. Actually, I have my friends, Shelley and Brett, to thank because they suggested we focus solely on the recipes of Thomas Keller for dinner club this month....more

Decadent Chocolate Mousse Pudding Recipe - Vegan/Almost Raw/Gluten Free - Dessert A Day Project #3

Chocolate Mousse for all the die hard chocolate lovers in the vegan world. But don't you worry you precious healthy heart, this recipe contains a secret ingredient. My healthy fat lover Avocados....more

Counting Down Advent…5 Days Left: Christmas MOUSSE AU CHOCOLATE

What makes a belly jolly, a gloomy heart merry, and the bitter medicine go down? Why…a spoonful of light-as-air chocolate mousse, of course!When the unexpected troubles of life seem to weigh me down, I find that there is no better comfort for my soul than a bowl of mousse au chocolate.Come; take a comfortable seat at our cozy table. Dinner is served!Recipe serves 8 (recipe needs to be prepared 24-hours before serving)STEPS 1 (chocolate):...more
We are actually moving 3 minutes away. Exactly! Hubby and I clocked it. So that is very cool, ...more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Chocolate Mousse Pie

Last night my sweet baby girl turned twenty-seven, and so it was of course time for yours truly to crank out the requisite confection, which this year turned out to be a chocolate mousse pie with a graham cracker crust—as per her preciously predictable chocolate proclivity. When she was little she always wanted a Cake Roll....more

Chocolate Chantilly - "Easy Chocolate Mousse"

Hervé This' Famous Chocolate Chantilly - Prepare the Best Chocolate Mousse using an easy chocolate mousse recipe, molecular gastronomy and two ingredients-water and chocolate....more

Gordon Ramsay's Four-Minute Chocolate Mousse

Wow your family and friends at your next get together with the easiest dessert, that literally only takes minutes to make - Gordon Ramsay's Four-Minute Chocolate Mousse - silky, creamy, and light, full of chocolate goodness with a hint of hazelnut....more