Chocolate and Grand Marnier Soufflé

What could be grander, more satisfying, more inspiring, or more impressive than mousse-like chocolate soufflé? Here laced with a hint of orangey Grand Marnier. Delicious! You’ll feel beside yourself with enchantment eating this comforting chocolaty food of the gods.This recipe is a take from Julia Child’s basic instructions on “Au Chocolat Soufflé.” She was, after all, my Inspiration, my Muse, my invisible Mentor, and first teacher to many great cooks of today....more Yes, that's me. But I am here to help if you should need guidance.   :)more

Sad Souffle: What NOT to Make for V-Day Dinner

Friends, I had every intention of telling you today that you too can make a chocolate souffle for your honey on Valentine's Day. I wanted so badly to get this post up before the holiday so that you could make plans and pretend I was a real food blogger. I did. And here it should probably stick with brownies or something for the big night....more

Easy chocolate soufflés - so easy the kids or husband can make them for Mother's Day!


I might re-make these on Mother's Day with my daughter, and then have my husband clean-up while ...more

Sunday Night Dinner

We had a wonderful weekend and finished it off with a nice dinner....more

There absolutely is!!! more

Gordon Ramsay's Hot Chocolate Souffle

"Very Sexy Pudding" ooey, gooey, warm, velvety chocolate goodness in every spoonful - Gordon Ramsay's Hot Chocolate Souffle...more

Hope you had an excellent Birthday! Your friend, Marly