Would You Be Able to Live Like This?

 LIVING A CONSCIOUSLY HEALTHY LIFE        What is Healthy Living anyway?...more

Find Time for Yourself

Each year the 6 of us renew our friendship. There’s some sort of magic in our bond. It’s been decades since we were in college and here we are again, catching up, laughing, and remembering old times. We’ve held each other through weddings, marriages, divorces, births,…and deaths. Staying in touch gives each of us something different. For me, it is my time to remember where I started in life, and it grounds me....more

Pro-Choice Breastfeeding

Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, a staff writer for the Washington Post recently published an article that has gone viral.  “Why I don’t Breast-feed, if you must know,” details how she was harshly judged by fellow mothers for formula feeding.Here’s an excerpt:“The mothers in my “Baby & Me Yoga Fit,” class looked down from their tree poses, surprised as I poured some instant formula into a bottle....more

Choose Again

"Making decisions is easy. You just make it and if it doesn't work out, you make another one."A friend and I were walking our dogs when she laid that piece of wisdom on me. As a chronic fence-sitter, I was stunned by the simplicity of the statement. It made such complete sense, but it never seems like that to me at the crunch of decision time. I so easily become mired down in cost-benefit analyses and contingency planning. I want things to be perfect, or at least predictable, before I make a decision. Really, I want a guarantee of the best-case scenario. But that's a trap....more

I Am A Feminist

Some things about myself in regards to feminism, before I share  Shannon Melanson's words on what true feminism is....more

NaBloPoMo Day 9: Controlling time?

a poem plotted on a spiral (Photo credit: robotson)...more

Women, Their Breasts, and the Power of Choice

From time to time my writings and blog posts are found when an innocent (yeah, right) Googler types in the words “big breastfeeding boobies”. I need not tell you how much I revel in those misdirected moments. I sit in my secret feminist fortress and let out an enormous evil laugh—Bwahahahahaha—as the unsuspecting internet interloper clicks on one of my links hoping to find a good time only to be slapped in the face by…well…big breastfeeding boobies like these:...more

Do we really have it all?

One of the best things about being in a great relationship is, feeling comfortable enough to leave it for an evening. You can have a time alone or with friends, the ‘great’ relationship doesn’t cling along. No emotional baggage, no explanations required, everything is great. ...more

Keep searching for YOUR solution

It’s easy to think that you only have so many options. There are a limited number of doctors or midwives or birthing centers in your area, right? What if none of the options seem aligned with what you want? What happens when the obvious choices don’t feel like your choices? Is your only option to compromise? Not necessarily....more

Choosing to have a Magnificent Day!