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Who defines your life?

"My baby is not a diagnosis, not a list of her potential woes." Nancy Iannone in Gifts p.134 ...more

New Year ,New Me ? Then again maybe not....

Here it is the 2nd day of 2010 and people are making resolutions left and right. My resolution the last five or so years has be to resolve not to make a resolution. I was so tired of setting myself up for failure. This year however is different. I have had some pretty powerful moments at home and at work that have made me sit back and realize I have changed. I have become a doormat essentially. There was a time in my life I was admired for my strength and perseverance....more

Using the 10-10-10 Strategy for Effective Decision Making

From the first moment a friend told me about Suzy Welch’s 10-10-10 strategy for decision making, it struck home and had an immediate impact on me because at that point I was revisiting and evaluating the aftermath of a choice I had made a decade ago.  Using Welch’s strategy would have been incredibly supportive of helping me make a more informed and appropriate decision ten years ago, so I immediately added the 10-10-10 approach to my toolbox of decision-making skills....more

Zombies Walk the Earth - Are You One of Them?

Some people have the life. ...more

Stop living for your self, He knows your need before you need it. Rather entrust your life to ...more

Parenting – Keeping Your Cool and Then Some…

Calling out all mothers!! Although, I have to say, even if you’re not a mom yet nor even thinking about it (wow, you’re smart… just joking!!), this has gotta sound entertaining. ...more

The life you planned...Beautiful Mistakes

The Women at Forty Project asked women to talk about the life they'd planned vs. the life the had....more

Baby Ink: The Right to Tattoo Your Child

A 7-year-old wants a gang tattoo just like his daddy. Awe, that’s so sweet. So daddy holds him down while he gets it. Hmmm, are we liking this parental freedom or not? I’m sure you can guess what the story is about, but now it is going to a judge. Is tattooing your minor a form of permanent disfigurement that can land a parent in jail with a life sentence? Maybe it’s something less than a mayhem charge? That remains to be seen....more

Sometimes Straying From the Path Ain’t So Bad After All!

By Guest Blogger Kelly Duffy “When you go through life, so sure of where you’re headin’, and you wind up lost, it’s the best thing that could have happened” -Brad Paisley, “Find Your Self” ...more

My answer is “NO thank you right now.” Practicing saying the “forbidden word.”

So, I received a call the other day to teach a weekly course (4 hours a week) on entrepreneurship and mentoring… for free.  Everything I do, by the way, be it giving sales and marketing seminars in October, to the stuff I describe below, I do it all for free. Cuz I love it. The old me;  “Of course I’ll do it.”...more