The Road Taken

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood/and knowing I could/Not travel both/and be one traveler, long I stood/and looked down one as far as I could/to where it bent in the undergrowth.”—Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken...more

This Morning's Walking Inspiration

I followed my usual walking route this morning and was almost home when I had the loveliest of encounters.As I approached my last few steps, I could see an elderly woman making her way up the hill. Oh, if you drove it daily you might not think about how "uphill" it really is. But if you walk/run it often you do learn to anticipate it.This woman was silver haired and pulling along her cloth covered ...more

Give Yourself This One Life-Changing Gift For The Holidays

Oh, the love/hate relationship we have with the holidays! The twinkly white lights, get-togethers, and the smell of fresh pine in our homes — all joyous. But there's also the pressure to be happy, to give the right gifts, and to uphold traditions — even if you might not feel like it. Sometimes the joys and pressures are at such odds, you start to feel a little crazy. There’s a difference between the white-bearded man who dresses up as Santa and the white-bearded man who thinks he really is Santa....more

To Much For Me

     I post for my self. A sense of mental health for my brain and soul. I would be lying to you. If I said..."I don't like to have someone stop and comment"...well when some stop in, I like to visit there blogs.But when they come over from the social site like G plus. It seem I never can find there blogs.I'm a middle age woman who knows I can't do all the social media things out in world. And have no desire to....more

The power of one man

A few years ago I went to Auschwitz, former concentration camp, in Poland. Walking through the camp, being there, listening to the stories, watching the photos ... touched me so immensely I still feel like someone sat on my chest every time I think of it. We are used of seeing horrible images on TV, but being there, listening to a guide talk about your people, 15.000 people from my country (we are a country of 2 million people) died there, is nothing you can prepare yourself for....more

As I See It

I am amazed and bewildered at how we humans have turned into the "animals" we have become. It is said we are at the top of the food chain. Really?!?!?! How are we classified as top of the food chain? We kill each other, we abuse the planet by littering and we use up all our natural resources. Now before all you hunters have a fit, I am not talking about killing for food. I do have an issue with killing for sport, if you kill it I hope you are doing it to provide for your family. I am just making a point here, yes, I love technology, I am guilty as anyone....more

Have You Ever Dared To Ask - If Only?

How many 'if only' moments do we get?  If only I had not said that....more

Wine and Breastfeeding

In honor of World Breastfeeding Awareness Week, I figured there was no better time than to publish another topic regarding breastfeeding. I strongly believe in breastfeeding, though I also believe that women and families' choices regarding the feeding of their child(ren) is ultimately up to them and therefore respect each individual choice. I also believe that breastfeeding isn't well supported in our culture and society, though some wonderfully positive strides have been made....more

On Throwing Stones, Flinging Arrows, and Wrecking Trains.

Yesterday I learned about an old acquaintance who is, to put it mildly, going through some things. These "things" are bad. Really bad. And they are a direct result of some really bad choices. Did I mention bad? There's no way around it. And there is no way to justify it. Tracie, one of my best friends since we met in third grade, had this to say about the train wreck that is our old acquaintance's life at the moment: ...more

Puking on Your Tutu (Or What Keeps You From Making Your Mark)

(This is one of my favorite guest posts, written for {grow}.)I puked on my tutu just before I was supposed to dance with the fairies in my first recital.My mom took me, and my tutu, home in disgrace. This was my first episode with humiliation. I can still remember the feeling of all those eyes as a path was cleared for me and my thoroughly soiled, very fragrant, tutu.Thus ended my dance lessons and any hope of becoming another Shirley Temple. I didn’t know at the time that I had  processed a life lesson.I was five....more