IT IS ALL ABOUT DECISIONS…..A LIFETIME OF GREAT DECISIONS…..What is the difference between Success and Failure? The answer is in THE DECISIONS MADE…..Yes, It is all about DECISIONS…….A Lifetime of Decisions…..Our lives are decisions each and everyday…..We may not even notice but we are constantly making deciisons… right after the other…....more

A LIFESTYLE OF RIGHT DECISIONS.......The Difference In Success and Failure is in the DECISIONS Made....

WRONG DECISIONS…..The Difference Between Success and Failure Is In The DECISIONS Made…. No one ever likes to think they will make a wrong decision……but when I look around at the world and read the news I see so many wrong decisions pretty much everywhere I look……It seems Right Decisions are often the exception....more


 A LIFESTYLE OF RIGHT DECISIONS……..FRESH or SOGGY….Which are You?I simply think that most people are afraid to live their best lives…..Afraid that it will require too much of them to make it happen….so they simply stay STUCK….Stuck in a rut…..For some, it is stuck in a Ditch…..They find excuses for everything….From why they can’t be healthy to their relationship failures to almost anything one can think of…..Excuses, Excuses, Excuses….....more

Microwave Version of a Real Solution

I’ve had a difficult decision to make. The details of the decision are really irrelevant. The decision making process is more of the focus; which can really apply to any situation....more

Roadside cutlery

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree.Which road do I take? she asked.Where do you want to go? was his response.I don't know, Alice answered.Then, said the cat, it doesn't matter.~ Lewis Carroll...more

Two Strikes, Three Fouls And...

bridget Two Strikes, Three Fouls And…     I have three kids and over the years, at their requests I have bought two electric guitars, a keyboard, an acoustic guitar and a clarinet. Do any of my children play any of these instruments? Not really. My middle one plays the clarinet when forced to but she has been telling me all year that she wants to give it up....more

Happy Birthday!

Well, today is my birthday. I'm 39 years old. And I'm REALLY and legitimately 39 years old. One more year until I enter a new decade. As I prepare to begin my 40th year, I find myself looking back on the last 20 years or so, and wondering how I got here and is it where I want to be. It's not where I pictured I would be when I was preparing to exit my teen years. It's not where I imagined myself to be 10 years ago. Not even 5 years, even though the perceived direction of my life had already started to change. What (if anything) have I accomplished? What (if anything) is lacking?...more

Decisions About Someone Else’s Life

So here I am now, sitting at my computer, a complete flubbering mess. This morning, my whole family attended a religious ceremony at my my son’s school (my grade one-er). There we were, all six of us; me, hubby, two grandmothers, two grandfathers, beaming with pride. I was on video camera duty, hubby on regular camera duty. We were all right there, the cheering squad, front row....more