Choosing Life

St. Elizabeth of Portugal Fourth Day of Fast for Non-ViolenceGen. 22:1-19 Mt. 9:1-8 ...more

Is Something Better Than Nothing?

Is something always better than nothing? Is that low paying client better than none at all? Is the miniscule raise/concession at your job better than creating a new opportunity? Whatever the question, there is not an obvious answer. Here's a new look at an all too common conundrum. ...more

Bored yet? How ya doin over there in 'Wait - and - See-ville' ?

This is part 1 of the "Where not to go, ever" attempt to help you tune into your thoughts and figure out where not to go before you head there...from an experienced thought gypsy traveler. :) You know that song "We're on a road to no where" by the Talking Heads? Feel free to hum that while you're reading this.... Hey. Thanks for bein' here. Hope you're well. So I'm callin it. You know your thoughts better than anyone else....more

How to Find the Perfect Church