Controlling Your Own Happiness

It happens to the best of us: we wake up, bound and determined to have a good day, and then people happen. If it’s not people, it’s a flat tire or speeding ticket that suddenly ruins a good day. Then, instead of getting over it and moving on, we dwell on it all day. For some reason people are more likely to milk a bad situation for as long as possible, rather than brush the dirt off and get back up....more

Bitterly Breaking Up With Everything

Why do we feel the need to devalue past experiences in order to give our current situations worth? ...more

Hello World

Hello World! This is my first blog on Blog Her. A little bit about me........ I am a mother to an awesome 3 year old. I am a wife to a man who refuses to contribute emotionally and financially. I am an artist who has, for the time being, had to persue career choices alternative to my dream in order to support my family. I am a painter, a weekday vegetarian, an animal lover, book reader, a musician, a jr software test engineer, cook, gardener, friend and much more....more


That's a great quote!  Hadn't heard that one before, but will definitely be filing it away. ...more

Happy & Single. Happy to Be Single.

I know five couples who were engaged or married in December 2012. It’s officially that time in our lives.  The pressure is on. Or not really. I’m not seriously dating anyone. I’m also seriously not dating anyone. At all. So whatever self-created pressure there is to be married before 30 is laughable because it’s simply not going to happen. Most days, I’m absolutely content with this reality. However, last week one of my students made me a little less content with my present relationship status....more

I love the garbage man

Kathleen Riley-Daniels  ...more

Life Lesson 125: The Keys to Happiness

              Over the past decades, I’ve learned endless lessons regarding life, hope, and happiness.  It was through experience that I learned one of life’s most important lessons- the Keys to Happiness.  I had it wrong all my life; I was expecting to find ‘happiness’ down all the wrong avenues.  As a child, outside of my family’s unconditional love, I thought happiness would come from all the things I desperately wanted.  So I asked for the coolest toys and latest fads, and of...more

Choosing The Right Friends | Queen of Your Own Life

by Cindy Ratzlaff and Kathy Kinney Finding happiness in the second half of your life sometime requires a soul-searching look at your true inner circle of friends, those women you choose to surround yourself with. Learning how to find and enhance those friendships that are most important to you canbe one of the most powerful steps you can take toward real happiness and joy....more

The Season of Our Discontent apologies to Mr. Shakespeare for the paraphrasing!I've noticed a trend in a number of people in my age range.  It's a tendency to point out the negative, the scary, the worst news possible.  Whether it is incessant political postings (all negative), or just a general discontent with the world in seems people feel the need to share these feelings with the world....more

What Makes You Feel Good

Here is a random list of things that make me feel good. Giving my cat Peanut rubs Getting doggie hugs from Hurt when I come home from work The song Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong Cake Shopping (as long as I dont think about the money) Zumba laughing - for any reason Having someone else do my hair Spa treatments The song Favorite Thin...more