Why I'm Happy to be Turning 30!!!

I am now only days away from my 30th birthday. As I summarized in the heading of the blog my life is not exactly how I thought it’d be. Career wise I’m on track....more

That is so true midnightbliss. I am working on being more adaptable to life's constant change. ...more

Joy Playlist

A few weeks back I received some suggestions on things to do to boost your mood when feeling down. One of the suggestions I received was listen to music. I’d heard people say this before. I must admit I am not a music lover. I like music....more

Moonsoar, I'll have to checkout these songs. Energetic music is great. Anything that makes ...more

Are you friends with Joy???

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship....more

Who Do You Love???

Valentine’s Day has just passed and for many people love is in the air. For others it was just another day. Some people really dislike the holiday claiming it is too commercial. I happen to like Valentine’s Day....more

I Am Worth The Cheese Dip.

A few weeks ago I posted a Facebook status update stating that I was not happy and having a hard time being my usual upbeat self due to a death in my family and a failed relationship....more

Closer Than I Thought

  Today I watched a TV show called What I Hate About Me. The person featured on the show lists ten things they hate about themselves....more

My Body My Temple…Or My Body My Minimally Maintained Shelter???

I know we’ve all heard this before and have probably even said it a time or two. Usually this is said in the context of morality specifically when and with whom it is appropriate to be intimate with. But fear not, that’s not what this post is about....more

Stop Lying!!!

  In talking to friends, family, co-workers and reading different magazine articles, blogs, and books I’ve noticed a trend that is disturbing to me. No I’m not talking about fashion trends or music trends....more

Thanks Bevy. I love your saying "try to make a donkey look like a race horse" I may be ...more

Ready For My Tutu

The first thing I decided to try on my list was Ballet. I’ve always wanted to try it. I did not have the opportunity to do it as a little girl. I knew there were adult classes available but until now I’d not had the courage to try it. As you see from my list of potential Joy invoking activities one of my desires is to fit into a single digit dress size (size 9 would do). So obviously I do not resemble your typical ballerina. I’d imagined myself walking into an adult class and having the instructor take one look at me, refund my registration fee and confiscating my ballet slippers. Since the definition of Joy does not include word Fear I decided afraid or not, I’d try it....more

Thanks Bevy,

Maybe you can find an adult class and get back into it. ...more

Devil’s workshop going out of Business…. Everything Inspired by Negativity Must go!!!

  After giving some thought about what I desire out of my everyday life, right now, present tense I realize it’s not so much what I want as what I don’t want. I don’t want so much idle time. Having more quality time with family friends and myself is what would make my tomorrow a better day.I am fortunate enough to have a job that provides an awesome work life balance. I get off at a reasonable time. I don’t work weekends or holidays....more