Chips Can Save Your Life

We were having issues in our house with our kids picking up after themselves and following through on what they were asked to do. At the end of my rope, I reached for the chips....more

Too Busy for Chores

My family members and I had an interesting debate on Thanksgiving.  We began to discuss the responsibilities our respective children had at home.  I was shocked to discover that many of my older neices and nephews were not required to do consistent chores because they were so busy with sports and other extracurricular activities that their parents felt they didn't have time to do chores and keep up with their school work.  My kids are 11, 7, and 7.  They are expected to do daily chores and keep up with their schoolwork.  My kids are also very active.  they are ...more

A Stay-at-Home Mom's Productivity FAILS!

Well, as an at-home mom (and aspiring author/illustrator) it is easy for me to get distracted and find my husband walking through the door ready for dinner and I have yet to get out of my PJs or clean...ANYTHING including myself! It's not that I am a big lazy bum, although I don't move that fast in the morning, it's just...well, I guess I have ADD. I don't know. I'm sure you can relate! My best days start with a list: ...more

Iced Tea, anyone?

Do you remember a while back when that email was circulating with the joke on it about how a man's bedtime routine differs from a woman's? He says he's going to bed, he brushes his teeth, gets into his PJ's, turns out the light and he's out. She says she's going to bed and then finds 100 things that still need doing before she turns in. Such is my life. All he asked for was a glass of iced tea. That's all. A two minute task at best, right?! ...more

Kids and Household Chores

Do your kids have household chores each week? ...more

"It's time to clean up."

I don't believe in cleaning up after my children in any way that they are capable of handling themselves. Sometimes I do it because it may be faster, or they may be feeling unwell or leaving to go out with their father, but other than those rare circumstances, it's their job. It has been since each of them were old enough to handle it. That doesn't mean that it's not a struggle sometimes. My daughters are a lot like me, namely, stubborn and spoiled. They have way too much stuff, which they love until it's time to wade through all of it and place it back where it belongs. So much of it that when it comes time to clean, I get whines of "I have to do everything!" and "there is just too much to pick up!" and I'm forced to remind them of all the laundry, dishes, bed making, floor sweeping and bathroom scrubbing that I must do because they are such dirty little things in order to get silence. ...more

I have a big bag called the Hungry Bag that I get out whenever my kids are dawdling or ...more

Those Piles of Dirty Clothes Kids Leave Around the House

Dear J - I am so deeply sorry that I have not understood about the piles of clothes you've been leaving around the house all these years. ...more

Room Cleaning: My Efforts At a Balanced Approach

Somewhere, at this very moment, my dad is laughing hysterically that I have been given an assignment to write about room cleaning.  Cosmic irony, and all that.  ...more

I gave my parents the exact same problems as a teen, my room was ...more

The Value of Chores for Kids

Amanda, over at Beef Daily Blog, is hosting a discussion about ranch chores, which got me thinking about my own chore philosophy. I can't say I was a big fan of chores as a child.  Now that I'm a Mom, I have come to the conclusion that a good chunk of what's wrong with our society, our economy and our food/health status could be fixed if all children grew up doing chores. ...more

Raising Problem Solvers

Someday, when I am long gone, and my children are sitting around reminiscing about me, there are (I hope!) many good things they'll remember.  But I wonder if, toward the top of the list, they will laugh and recite the sentence they have heard me say so many times that I've wondered if we should just paint it on the wall:  Be a problem solver. ...more

Rachelle Hughes, freelance ...more