God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Merry Christmas, Friends!!!Today I’m thrilled to share a post from guest blogger & my best friend, Anne! Anne & I met as freshmen in college & became quick friends after being paired together as writing partners, & stationary bike riding buddies (stories for another day). She & I kept each other sane as we sought bachelor’s degrees in our respective fields....more

What is Enough? (Day ONE-30 Day Challenge)

Welcome to Day ONE of my 30-day challenge. I encourage you to get your Bible, your favorite pen, a journal and a steaming cup of coffee. (You really should think about trying coconut cream if you want to copy what I am currently sipping! It. Is. Delightful!) Get ready to write and underline in that Bible. It will be okay, I promise. Writing all through mine has been a huge help to me in making God’s Word come alive. I love to see what God says to me when I read the verses I’ve underlined and the notes I’ve written beside them. It really does make it easy to apply this ‘head’ knowledge....more

Is It Really Over?

We had a very busy summer. Full of laughter, swimming, cook outs, gardening, travel, and a wee bit of drama.Way more living than can be crammed into one little blog post.Instead, we'll hit the high points. 9 of them to be exact...  ...more

God and Tomatoes

The faithfulness Of God and a Tomato :o)...more

In Weakness

Recently our small group at church was having a discussion about strength in weakness.  A line of conversation sprang up about how we find how strong we are in our times of weakness and how even our weaknesses can be strengths in some situations But as I considered it later, I began to feel that in chasing that rabbit we were missing the point somehow. It's not about how strong WE are in our weakness.  It's finding GOD'S strength and learning to rely on Him in our times of weakness and hopelessness. ...more