Saint Training: A Heartfelt Journey of a Young Girl's Faith

Elizabeth Fixmer's Saint Training ended up winning the INSPY award for Literature for Young People, and I have to say that I personally loved the book and am glad that it won. There are so many topics covered in this novel –- the Vietnam war, feminism, race relations, the changing Catholic church in the 60′s –- but at its heart is a story about a girl who is coming into her own understanding of her faith. That type of story is exactly what I am looking for when I am picking up Christian fiction, and I am so happy to say that Saint Training is an excellent example of Christian literature for teens for this reason. ...more
I definitely want to read this.  As someone who really likes things that are black and white, ...more

The special treasure that is everyday life


Seems there are kindred spirits out here in Blogland.
Connect with another Christian women at: ...more

Giveaway and Review: A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter

What emotion is strong enough to affect our physical bodies, sabotage relationships, warp life purposes, and alter personalities?...more

The mountains bow down review and giveaway

Not only did the latest installment of my favorite mystery series teach me what a phillumenist is (I'll wait while you look it up), it also spurred me to rearrange my destination wish list (for all those "someday" trips) by bumping an Alaskan cruise up to 4th place....more