Tofu and Turtles and a Little Pinch of Yum

I got up super early today with the best of intentions.  Spend some time with John, work on my next article, get some much needed reading done, and then finally cook through a recipe in my new cookbook, Everyday Healthy.  I even picked which recipe I was going to cook and everything! One little trip to the grocery store and then I'd be all set. ...more

No Spanking Please!

The number of Christian parents who discipline their children using humiliation, shaming, domination, and even violence is alarming!  As a Christian mom, I am horrified by  deaths of several children who were murdered by their own parents all in the name of (so-called) Biblical discipline....more
While perhaps my title was not well thought out, It was not mean to be intentionally deceptive. ...more

Secure In My Love

We've been working so hard at teaching my two-year-old to listen and obey....more

Social Media in the Life of a Christian Mommie

In the last few months I've had a few conversations which included the topic of social media.    These conversations have made me think, ya know, they've gotten my dander up!  *smiles*Should I be active in social media as a Mommie?  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like take a LOT of time.  But how do I balance having a "life" with being a full-time mom and wife?This Mommie Rant post will cover some of my thoughts on the issue.To read the rest of this post, please visit......more

CASTING NOTICE: Silbings Who Have Different Parenting Techniques

I am working on a new TV show looking for siblings who are now parents, but are taking different approaches to raising their children. The siblings should have the same parents/grew up in the same house, but now that they are parents differ from each other when it comes to parenting techniques and how their children should be brought up. (example- one may be homeschooling vs public school, one may be vegan, religion may be important to one sibling but not the other, sports vs school, communal living, etc). ...more

Yes: You Can Have It All! (but it all depends on what you mean by that)

In late June, the cover of The Atlantic featured a woman in a business suit, with a baby popping out of her briefcase.The title?...more

Losing Mothering...

When I got home last night from work, the kids and I had a rough go of it.  Five to seven p.m....more