Is This What Mommy Burn-Out Looks Like?

Welcome to Dr. Ann’s Coaching Corner!  This week, CB writes in to get a fresh outlook on her multi-tasked-out life.  Is this what “Mommy burn-out” looks like?Dr. Ann,...more

I Do, Therefore I Am! Aren't I?

After I finished my psychiatry residency, I was working at Mount Sinai Medical center in NYC.  I was friends with another doctor who was a few years ahead of me. She was pregnant with baby number two. One day, a group of us were schmoozing over lunch. We asked her how she was able to  juggle her kids and her work. Her parents were both successful, and she began to discuss how she and they had handled careers and kids. ...more
I have been a certified performance freak but I am recovering with God's help. I try to remember ...more

Why I Am A Recovering Multi-Tasker

We live in a relentlessly fast paced world.And I can get relentlessly caught up in it as well.Doing several things at once has become the new normal.  There is even a new normal answer to the question, “How are you?”The answer used to be: “Fine, thanks.”The answer is now: “Busy!”...more

For Those Imperfect Seasons Of Motherhood

In motherhood, have you noticed that there are seasons when everything is going smoothly? I have. During the good season, the kids are happy and balanced. So is the marriage, and so am I. The fridge has healthy stuff stocked, lots of it. I’ve got patience and sweetness to spare. But then the other seasons come around, too....more

Do You Have A Vision For Your Marriage?

When you go on a trip, do you start out out with the end in mind?...more

Today, Find The Beauty Before You

Can you see it?I was recently at the YMCA, talking to some of my special senior friends there. These women are so full of wisdom, wit, and energy! When I grow up some more, I want to be just like them....more
This was such a great post. The exact topic has been burning on my heart over the past few days ...more

Me, My iPhone, and God

I recently got an iPhone.Truthfully, I went back on forth about it in my mind countless times before I finally signed on the dotted line.  As much as I appreciate all it can do, I still have Perpetual iPhone Ambivalence.  I love it!  I worry about being leashed to it!...more
 @Isabel_Anders Likewise Isabel!  What a lovely idea for a book on marriage - and much needed as ...more