Growing Up & Moving Out

So years later..... And I am graduating only by the grace of God. Because my mom knows that every year I begged her to take me out of school and let me get my GED.My plans were to go to the Airforce like my dad. I was ready took my tests and was at my weight to leave. But little did I know my mom registered me in cosmetology school. Where I spent a year studying and getting my diploma there.  I eventually started to enjoy it and was top 3 in my class.At 17 I made the descision to move out.  Got me 2 jobs and waaalaaahhh!!! I was OUT!...more

Growing Up To Fast

Its amazing how when your a kid you have the urge to grow up to fast.That was me. The typical female kiddo who wanted to wear makeup before her time, go out and come home late, have boyfriends.  Dreamed about finding my prince charming, marrying him, having kids and growing old. Oh how I wish I could of just stayed a kid and slow down....more

Christian Women Reading Fifty Shades


I run because I can

I run- not because I am the fastest, tallest, quickest runner- I do it because I can. ...more
thanks for posting this. a couple of your reasons to run reminded me of my own reasons to do ...more

Becoming A Strong Woman

 What does it take to be a Strong Woman ? ...more