How Do You Tell A Story You Couldn't Believe?

One of my recently-met-but-dear friends Gabi wrote a post entitled Opening My Lens Wide that we just featured here on Unmuted. Gabi is amazing - not only does she have a true warrior and overcomer’s spirit, but she also has a ...more

Unmuted - Who Are We?

We are a sisterhood of women, united as one voice under one message and one calling. We are a generation created for such a time as this, called to arms and ready to fight. We are purposeful, powerful, and passionate for our cause, and we are opening our mouths. We have been loved, chosen and redeemed from a pit of our own making by the One who made us. We might be controversial to the world, but we’re okay with that. We know Truth, because Truth has been spoken into and over our lives. We are dangerous ...more

"Love Finds You In Humble Texas" by Anita Higman

What would happen if two sisters both fell in love with the same man? That is the question at the heart of this cute romantic story. Love Finds You in Humble Texas by author Anita Higman, is a delightful book about Trudie Abernathy and her sister Lane. Trudie sees her image coach sister as having her life pulled together, but sees herself as well, um as a dung beetle. ...more

The One and Only God - Part 3

During my study of the Bible this year (click here for February's ...more

Porn steals your "mojo" and other reasons I hate porn!

It seems like this week I am having to write caveats before each blog entry.  I wonder if it's because I'm feelin' a little feisty.  Hmmmm.  Here's today's caveat: I have a rated "G" blog.  It may be PG-13 sometimes, but it's pretty innocent...more or less.  However, I've got to get this out there before I blow a fuse. I HATE PORN! ...more
Just found your blog & have to say I 100% agree. Speaking from experience we've been married ...more

Tizzy spells...

With hubby’s aircraft “selection” (umm…assignment) just a few flights away, I have once again been getting myself into a tizzy about every possible contingency plan for our future adventure.  OK, that’s a lie.  Ever since he started this round of flight school 6 months ago, I’ve been in a tizzy.  I have frequently given into my anxious tendencies in the form of meticulously researching housing options at each of the four possible duty stations we could be going next, studying the calendar for best and worst case scenarios for school completion dates, and obsessively checkin ...more

No more Drama

realize that I will react to people when they hurt me. I used to be a doormat and not do anything. Then somewhere along the line I became so resentful from holding it all in I think that I now snap at people because they are hurting me. I don't deserve to be hurt but other people don't deserve it either just because they did something to me. I also am not responsible for other people's emotions and feelings. I am not obligated to other people or there whims. If someone is having a hard time of course I want to help ...more

Conceptions of God

God is most often conceived of as the supernatural  ...more

How to Regroup the Right?

The next two months will decide the fate of the conservative movement, and also, the Republican party, which is currently suffering from a personality disorder. If I had to give an answer right now as to whether or not I think the conservative ascension to its former prominence is a guarantee, I must honestly answer: I don't know. If I had to make a guesstimate based upon the past several weeks, I'd lean towards no. It's a reason why I'm careful in separating the titles "conservative movement" and Republican party: they are not the same. ...more

@Kate - Barf. Don't use Pat Robertson or Fred Phelps as spokesmen for Christianity. It's akin ...more

Comfort/controlling burnout

God, thank you for your comfort that soothes my hurting. I don't need to look to eartly friends for help although you have given those to me who support me in my worst of times. You are always just a prayer away even when I can't think of the right words, You still understand me. Thank you. Amen Light for my path for women   ...more