It's In His Kiss


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Service of Celebration

Today was a long and slightly weird day.  It was a good day, it was a very emotional day, it was everything it should have been. Today we said out final goodbyes to Grandma's mortal remains at the Crematoriam at 10am, and then lunch at church at 12, Service of Celebration at 2.30, then tea and cake afterwards. ...more

Christian Fiction News: Tyler Perry Template for LionsGate

Christian Fiction News for the Week Ending July 19, 2008 ...more

CFB Author Chat: Marita Teague


Sex Tips from a Pastor (rated NC-17)

I'll be getting on a plane in 5 hours, so I had to ask myself if I'd be OK w/ these being my last words. And I would be. So here we go. 'Though long ago, I wish someone would've shared this with me, perhaps by sharing it here, it'll save some shame or restore some regret. ...more


 When I was little I was a performance addict.  I was enrolled in multiple dance classes and was obsessed with being "introduced" which is why I insisted, INSISTED on my mother saying in her best big top style voice, "Presenting....." and I would take a flying leap from the hallway into the living room yelling "CARRIE!!!!!!!!" I would then proceed to do some little dance, or be absolutely content to keep doing that for hours and hours.  Presenting Carrie, Presenting Carrie.  I was easily entertained, obviously. ...more

Mere Christianity in a PostModern World

I posted links to a great series of articles of importance to all Christians, but especially those in mainline denominations.  I'd love to hear your comments! ...more

Supernatural: Jesus Must Be My Standard

I work on the fourth floor of an office building with old elevators in continual need ...more

To Believe in Jesus or Be Like Jesus, Which is More Important?

Blue Eyes and I are church shopping for the family. Which is funny, I think, because in my parent's generation, you didn't choose a church. You were the same religion as your parents and you went to the church in your neighborhood. There was no exploration of your individual needs and searching the Internet for the perfect match. No going to a few services, kind of like dating, just to get a feel for the experience. No breaking up after six months because there weren't enough people your age or the minister was too serious. ...more


If Jesus is not worthy of your belief why would you desire to ...more

A Celebration Of Our Journey

I blog about my son's progress and try to keep a positive attitude about his Autism. We're learning and finding our way every day. Blogging is a creative outlet for me, so I try to have fun with it. I'll post recipes or photos and mostly just let friends and family know what we've been up to. ...more