I am for the most part a conservative, and from time to time I have radical ideas.  One of them that has been running through my head lately is the involvment of Christians in politics.  Are there limits?  If so, what are they.  The following is just the beginning of my thoughts/answer to the questions above.  I believe that we are taught in the Bible that we are pilgrims in this world and as such we are different. ...more

Departure from Grace??

"America, America, God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea." ~~~~ "For Zion's sake I will not be silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not keep quiet." Isaiah 62:1 ...more

And She Did It In Heels

Did you watch the speech last night? I anticipated it all day and as she spoke I prayed, as I know many of you did also, that God would give her wisdom and peace as she brought forth her words. And it seems He did. T his woman has already changed our country. She has shed light in the dark corners of the 'good ole boys' club. She rattled their cages and sent them scurrying to figure out how to stop this "ordinary woman" from tearing down their world of empty promises. ...more

Thoughts To Ponder on Speech

The Spoken Word My children, I do not need to you to speak to prove that I am God. Your speech proves your obedience and trust in me releasing control to me. When you release control to me- you will not be able to keep up with me by word by mouth or any other means. if you are ashamed of me before man , I will be ashamed of you before the father Obey me Words and Power ...more

It's In His Kiss


Love this post! My favorite topic. ;)



Service of Celebration

Today was a long and slightly weird day.  It was a good day, it was a very emotional day, it was everything it should have been. Today we said out final goodbyes to Grandma's mortal remains at the Crematoriam at 10am, and then lunch at church at 12, Service of Celebration at 2.30, then tea and cake afterwards. ...more

Christian Fiction News: Tyler Perry Template for LionsGate

Christian Fiction News for the Week Ending July 19, 2008 ...more

CFB Author Chat: Marita Teague


Sex Tips from a Pastor (rated NC-17)

I'll be getting on a plane in 5 hours, so I had to ask myself if I'd be OK w/ these being my last words. And I would be. So here we go. 'Though long ago, I wish someone would've shared this with me, perhaps by sharing it here, it'll save some shame or restore some regret. ...more


 When I was little I was a performance addict.  I was enrolled in multiple dance classes and was obsessed with being "introduced" which is why I insisted, INSISTED on my mother saying in her best big top style voice, "Presenting....." and I would take a flying leap from the hallway into the living room yelling "CARRIE!!!!!!!!" I would then proceed to do some little dance, or be absolutely content to keep doing that for hours and hours.  Presenting Carrie, Presenting Carrie.  I was easily entertained, obviously. ...more